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The Chief of Staff of Angola gives priority to the retrofit of aeronautics – observer

The Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) will give priority to the training and re-equipment of the National Air Force (FAN), in view of the progressive modernization, said the head of Angola's Chief of Staff on Monday.

According to General Egídio de Sousa Santos, who was speaking at the FAN 43rd anniversary ceremonies held in Lubango (province of Huíla), the bet will allow "guaranteeing the necessary operation" of the military units. "The world today is very volatile and unpredictable, where relations between states do not always obey the principles of equality, mutual respect and reciprocity of advantages," he said, quoted by Angolan Angolan agency.

In this sense, the army has defended the need to assume an increasingly responsible attitude in the planning and execution of combat preparation programs, in command exercises and training, in the proper maintenance of weapons and techniques, in elevation of discipline, organization and supervision, as well as promptness.

"It is essential to continue the process of restructuring and modernizing the industry, investing in its permanent responsibility with technical and modern weapons that can guarantee an effective defense of the national airspace in the geo-strategic sub-regions to which it belongs. ; Angola ", he explained.

Egídio de Sousa Santos stressed that the date of the 21st of January 1976, the day of the creation of the predecessor of the national aeronautics, "reflects the courage, the sense of the state and the extraordinary strategic vision of the [então] President António Agostinho Neto on the geopolitical context, marked at the time of the cold war ".

The FAA CEMG added that the emergence of the FAN is "closely linked to any transformation process already performed in the early years of independence". "The creation of the FAN aimed to make the defense system stronger and capable of responding to armed incursions from abroad and the internal destabilization pockets implanted in various parts of the country," he said. Egídio de Sousa Santos did not advance, however, which military equipment modernized the Angolan Air Force.

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