The CEO of TRON and the former head of RippleLabs weigh on the XRP price impulse

TRON (TRX), Ripple, XRP-Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON and former chief representative of RippleLabs, has been evaluating XRP's price growth in recent weeks, as well as giving his opinion on the cryptocurrency and global payments landscape.

Speaking in an interview with Investopedia published Friday, the founder who worked with Ripple between 2014 and 2016 as the main representative, has an interesting observation point both on the evolution of the cryptocurrency and the XRP currency.

While Sun was traditionally quiet about his time with Ripple, he gave him an in-depth view of the growing blockchain and cryptography industry, which led to his development of TRON and TRX currency. When asked by Investopedia why the XRP currency was rising sharply in pricing and pricing, Sun explained that Ripple had built the currency specifically to improve the financial sector, particularly the banks and suppliers. of global payments in solving the problem of expensive and slow cross payments online. While competitors offer services that can take several days and cause substantial commissions to send money around the world, Ripple's xRapid service uses XRP directly for liquidity and can achieve the same result in less than two minutes and for a fraction of a saving cents measures that will be highly appreciated in the world of fintech.

XRP is a cryptocurrency designed to provide banks and payment providers with a reliable solution for cross-border payments. I was Chief Representative of Ripple Labs between 2014 and 2016 and I saw first hand the massive demand for blockchain-based cross-border payment solutions.

Sun also explained Ripple's effort to promote its cross-border payment platform within the banking sector, which culminated in the most recent high-profile partnership with PNC, one of the ten largest US banks with over 2,000 branches all over the country.

During my tenure, I worked in partnership with WeBank, China's first online job bank, and Shanghai Huarui Bank. Fast to date and Ripple is now supported by over 100 financial institutions worldwide, including PNC.

According to Sun, the main driver of adoption for XRP and Ripple is the renewed interest in blockchain banking as a solution for both security and cost-effective payments, a sector that Ripple has managed to do anything but provide the most functional technology for wire transfers cross-border. While the PNC partnership did not understand the actual adoption and use of the XRP currency, the valuation of the number three currency by total market capitalization has increased by the announcement, providing an investment atmosphere. bullish that managed to break the downward trend of money in prices.

Sun also took the opportunity to beat the TRX currency table, stating that TRON would also find a way to enter global payouts and raise interest through blockchain-based transfer banks.

I am confident that the financial sector will adopt blockchain technology. TRON will also enter this space in the future, so I welcome potential partners in the financial sector! Naturally, none of my comments represent an investment advice for your readers.

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