The CEO of Binance doubles on Bitcoin Bull Run, Plus Ethereum, Ripple and XRP, Tron, Cardano, IOTA, Power Ledger: Crypto News Alert


From the clarity about a recent prediction of Bitcoin's bull run to a new opportunity for Ripple's xRapid XRP-powered, here are some of the stories breaking in the crypto world.


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has doubled recent comments on the fact that it is "certain" that a Bitcoin bull run is coming.

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Appearing on CNBC's Crypto Trader, Zhao said:

"Even if I do not know what will catalyze a Bitcoin bull run, I'm sure it will happen … sooner or later something will trigger it."

CZ reiterated in a tweet that has no idea when it will happen or what will be the catalyst.

"I'll say it once and for all, there will be a bull run, followed by a bear run, then bull and bear, bull, bear and bull … If you say it quickly, it becomes BNB."

Ethereum and Mecenate

The decentralized art investment platform Maecenas says it intends to tokenise Picasso's art work using the Ethereum-based ERC721 and ERC20 tokens.

"We are developing a masterpiece and making the painting perpetually inaccessible.Every eventual release date of the physical painting can only be decided through a voting procedure by the token holders, after the minimum time spent has passed into the future.

The auctioning process will be performed using the Maecenas technology. The new digital asset, the first of its kind, will be represented as a single ERC721 token for digitized artwork. A fixed number of ERC20 tokens will separately represent the shared property in the physical asset. "

At the start of this year, Mecenate has fueled the tokenization of "14 Small Electric Chairs (1980)", a $ 5.6 million painting by Andy Warhol, which has made it the first 39; a multi-million dollar art to be tokenise and sell using blockchain technology.

There is not yet a word on which Picasso the platform is using the token. According to the announcement, specific details will be announced in December.

Ripple and XRP

SBI Ripple Asia is showing its real-time payments app based on Ripple's xCurrent at the Fintech Festival in Singapore.

Meanwhile, the Nexo encrypted loans platform says it is exploring whether Ripple's xRapid XRP-powered is suitable for the company. The co-founder and managing partner Antoni Trenchev announced on Twitter.


Tron's new blockchain now has 15 decentralized and active apps, with the overwhelming majority for gambling and gambling. You can check the complete list on


The creator of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has accepted the resignation of Michael Parsons, president of the Cardano Foundation, following the demerger of IOHK from the Cardano Foundation. Hoskinson says internal developments will free the technology and engineering company that built Cardano to do its best work for the native ADA cryptocurrency.

Power Ledger

The launch of blockchain Power Ledger states that its peer-to-peer renewable energy exchange platform will be installed on the roof of an American power company.

"Rather than dumping our excess solar energy into the grid, we are thrilled to provide clean and sustainable energy to our neighbors," says Scott Helm, President of American PowerNet. "Power Ledger's P2P platform will optimize the offer for all participants."


Bosch is clarifying its partnership with IOTA and how it will use the technology.

"The XDK Bosch (Cross Domain Development Kit) is a programmable sensor device and the Internet of Things prototyping platform for every kind of imaginable use case and can also be used as a powerful solution for sensor node Combine MEMS sensor technology at the forefront, WiFi, BLE, an SD card slot and ready-to-use software packages This allows for the implementation of almost all possible IoT applications.

XDK has been developed for people of all levels of programming experience and the required information material is free for all users. In this context, it allows you to pursue different projects using the XDK as a starting point. In short: Bosch XDK can be used to collect specific data in real time and sell it via the IOTA Data Marketplace. "

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