The Californian airline Surf Air announces a discount of 50-93% for flights paid in Litecoin and Bitcoin

Based in California-Airline-Surf-Air-announces-50-93-discounts-for-flights-Paid-in-litecoin-e-Bitcoin

The California-based surf-based airline announces a 50-93% discount for flights paid in Litecoin and Bitcoin

In a recent announcement, the Surf Air based in California he said he would offer 50-93% discounts for payments through express membership made in cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In what he calls the campaign "Indiegogo", Surf Air announced the news on Tuesday, saying that they are bridging the future of the journey with the future of money. The company said that:

"We are proud to offer Litecoin as a payment method for Surf Air Express. Apply now and purchase your Surf Air Express subscription or flight packages."

Surf Air operates in several cities in California and Texas, including San Francisco / Bay Area, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Truckee, Napa, Monterey, Las Vegas, Austin, Dallas, Houston and Midland.

Membership plans

Surf Air offers four membership plans that accept cryptocurrency payments. Are as follows:

Litecoin continues to make major raids despite claims on the "scam"

Despite the claims of "scam" that hit litecoin recently, the currency continues to make major incursions, attracting major companies and companies to accept LTC as one of their payment methods. Thanks to Charlie Lee, co-founder of the project, litecoin It is now accepted in various places in the United States including restaurants, online vendors and now airlines. According to AMB Crypto, a source of cryptocurrency news, Charlie Lee he said in a recent interview that:

"I see Litecoin complimenting Bitcoin for being a good price.One is digital gold and another is digital silver.Then Litecoin is cheaper to spend and faster than Bitcoin.And with Bitcoin, there's no one to be dictate, while with Litecoin I am present, which is positive and negative ".

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