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The Brazilian government assumes the company for the Blockchain Courses

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The right way? The Brazilian government assumes Blockchain Company

The Brazilian government has hired a company to teach its employees on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The contract with the company Blockchain Academy give public employees access to exclusive content on the subject.

Politicians and governments still have many open questions on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And Brazil is no exception. In a note published on December 4, the Ministry of Finance announced that public employees will undergo training held by BAcademy lockchain. The company offers courses for companies on blockchain technology.

Employee will attend cryptocurrency classes

The goal is for civil servants to become familiar with cryptocurrencies after attending a training course. The government assumed Blockchain Academy so that employees can learn about digital resources and the underlying technology. The ultimate goal is to provide government services in the near future.

Both parties signed the contract on November 16th. The course will teach the concepts of technology and cryptocurrencies. In addition, the lessons will also teach about investments and business related to the sector in Brazil and the world.

76 hours, 3 levels, 4 months

In total, the course will take 76 hours to complete. According to the description, it will be divided into three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Blockchain Academy will teach exclusively to members of the Brazilian government.

The employees who will participate are part of a strategic area of ​​the Ministry of Finance. They are responsible for managing data related to Brazilian social security. The course will be taught in a maximum of 4 months to all employees participating in the training offered by the Brazilian government.

In addition to the rather conservative stance of the Brazilian government on trade in cryptocurrencies and trade, this step demonstrates the growing interest in cryptocurrency technology and could be followed by governments around the world.

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