The blood group that attracts ticks like a magnet …


Specialists have found that there is a blood group that attracts ticks like a magnet, which means that people who own it need to be more careful. Ticks feed on blood and because they carry bacteria, they can spread a number of diseases, some of which can lead to death. Among the most serious diseases is Lyme disease.

The tick bite. How to avoid ticks and what to do if you get bitten

Recent laboratory tests in a study conducted by researchers from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic call attention to a very important detail. Scientists believe that there is a blood group that attracts ticks like a magnet, more precisely group A. The researchers used blood samples of groups A, B, AB, after which they let a tick come into contact with them . After careful monitoring, the scientists found that 36% of the ticks had a preference for blood type A.

Specialists recommend that people bitten by ticks consult a doctor immediately. To avoid possible infections, the tick must be removed correctly. If this is done at home, those facing this problem should use protective gloves, tweezers to remove the tick, grasp its head and be carefully traced on the outside. After removing the tick, the area needs to be disinfected and a visit to the doctor is recommended.


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