The Blockchain revolution is here: in honor of Bonifacio Day, tickets for the main blockchain conference of the Philippines at half price


Andrés Bonifacio is the national hero of the country. He led the Philippine revolution against the Spanish Empire in 1896. Because of this revolution, the country regained its independence, and on November 30 it remained in the hearts and minds of the Filipinos as the National Day's Memorial Day.

Currently, there is another revolution in the Philippines, which could be even greater because of the technology sector. It refers to the blockchain revolution.

Just imagine that money can be instantly transferred anywhere in the world without commissions. Imagine concluding an agreement with a stranger, you will feel sure that no one will be deceived. Imagine that all actions of the state are transparent, while the laws are the same for everyone. It is blockchain that can create such an economy and society.

What should be done to make dreams come true? How to accelerate the blockchain revolution? These problems will be revealed by world-renowned encryption experts at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines.

In honor of Bonifacio Day, the organizer of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines – Smile-Expo – is giving a 50% discount on tickets. It is possible to buy them from November 29th to December 5th inclusive.

• Discounted ticket price: $ 50.
• Discounted ticket price: $ of 99.

The conference will take place in the luxurious Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Makati. The program of the event and the details are available on the website. Join the blockchain revolution right now!

Use the >>> discount

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