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The blockchain news on Tuesday, from Asia and beyond

The Japanese Coincheck extends the cryptographic offers: The global sell-off did not prevent the Japanese exchange Coincheck to improve its trading base to include Ripple (XRP) and Factom (FCT). The exchange also resumed the sale of NEM (XEM) recently, the currency behind a $ 530 million NEM token hack.

More problems for Bitmain: The encrypted extraction has not received the most important titles recently, especially in China. Earlier this month, the mining machine company Bitmain announced that it would delay the IPO in Hong Kong and then the news came that the Chinese miners were renouncing in droves. Now, a US $ 5 million class action lawsuit states that Bitmain has extracted the crypto-currency to its advantage by using the customer's equipment. The action, taken in a court in Los Angeles, states that the company is deliberately benefiting from long periods of "initialization" of the mining device.

Sharia-compliant bond issued on blockchain: In Abu Dhabi, a sharia-compliant bond was issued, which is, according to the Al Hilal Bank issuer, the world's first "sukuk" (sharia compliant bond) operation completed on a distributed ledger. Blockchain was used to regulate a small portion of the $ 500 million five-year trade. However, this is not the first blockchain link in the world. In August, the World Bank launched a two-year bond with a $ 79.7 million blockchain bond.

The port of Hong Kong embraces the blockchain: Modern Hong Kong terminals have signed an agreement to use a Maersk-IBM blockchain platform. The TradeLens solution works to process documentation and verification to speed up customs clearance. More than 20 port operators and terminal operators are piloting the solution globally. The system claims to allow shippers, shipping companies, freight forwarders, port and terminal operators, internal transport and customs authorities to access operational data – including container temperature and information weight – and also to block smart contracts .

The world's first "political" crypt in Malaysia: Bank Negara Malaysia, the country's central bank, says they must approve all new digital currencies. It comes when the coin of Harapan crypto-coin is launched. The team behind the initiative calls it the world's first "crypto-political" currency and is supported by Paratan Harapan, the current coalition government that created it to arouse "opposing feelings against" 39, current coalition government, in preparation for the upcoming elections. "They hope to raise $ 120 million. And until today? $ 715.35.

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