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The blockchain developer is growing, among the highest paid IT jobs, up to $ 170k

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In contrast to the 2018 cryptographers market, blockchain developers operating at the corporate level are among the highest paid IT workers – and wages continue to grow. According to some estimates gathered in a recent Computerworld article, the salaries for blockchain engineers now range between $ 150,000-175,000 annually. Another estimate, from a report by Janco Associates, puts the low end at $ 132,000 still healthy in the year.

Both these estimates are far above the estimated average salary of IT professionals in general, $ 930000 per year relatively small. Some reports say that 10,000 blockchain jobs remain vacant in the United States alone, according to Computerworld.

Janco also reports that "friction rates [among IT professionals] they're the highest they've been in the last few years. "In line with this, corporate blockchain space wages have been" rising, "increasing an average of $ 4,000 over the past six months. Glass Technologies reported a 316% growth in the amount of IT blockchain jobs in 2018 compared to 2017.

But not everything is roses. The Janco report cites a number of factors that could be a drag on the recent and exuberant IT industry. The stock prices of technology giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook are a matter of concern: Apple's share price has fallen 39% since all historical highs have been reached in October – as well as unresolved US trade conflict and China.

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Blockchain training

CryptoGlobe reported in September on the efforts of universities to respond to the growing interest in blockchain education. A professor at the prestigious New York University noted that his blockchain class doubled in just one year.

Recently, the collaboration of Bank Frick with the University of Liechtenstein was also reported to produce various programs and courses on the fintech blockchain.

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