The blockchain / crypto week in numbers


27,000… The Canadian blockchain and the cryptocurrency venture, DMG Blockchain Solutions, have powered up to 60 megawatts of its 85-megawatt crypt.

Mining as a 27,000-square-foot (MaaS) service is located on 34 acres in British Columbia and currently uses clean hydropower.

$ 796 million… The Binance ecosystem has become larger, with the addition of Binance Research.

This focuses on creating institutional-level research reports and aims to increase "transparency and improve the quality of information available within the cryptographic space".

In an online statement, the company says: "Two of our in-depth research reports are already online, with other series to be published regularly in the coming weeks at:".

Binance was founded in China in 2014 and has continued to become the largest digital stock exchange in the world in terms of adjusted daily turnover (about $ 796 million at the time of writing), according to CoinMarketCap.

"The success of new technologies should not be measured solely by their ability to fuel new industries and destroy old ones, but also by their ability to influence the positive changes in the world.To often the technological world focuses on generating commercial value, rather that on the value of society "

$ 500… Ethereum will experience a "monumental and definitive global breakout" when smart contracts can accept external data, according to Ian McLeod of Thomas Crown Art.

The price of Ethereum rose 4% on Monday, adding about 8% from last week, to reach a maximum of $ 210. McLeod comments: "Ethereum is back in the bull territory and is on track to enjoy significant gains before the end of the year.I argue that we can expect Ethereum to reach $ 500 by the end of 2018 and continue with a general upward trajectory throughout 2019. "

$ 100,000 …The startup blockchain ambrpay won a $ 100,000 first prize at the CV Competition for Finance, an event based in Crypto Valley, Switzerland.

$ 40 million …Rumors began to swirl last week that $ 40 million of Ripple (XRP) has been moved to an address believed to belong to Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the altcoin. He is also the founder of Stellar Lumen and Mt. Gox, the exchange that lost nearly $ 1 billion in a hack in 2014.

10,000 …Bidooh's blockchain venture has signed a contract with DBDB Labs, a Seoul-based news agency, to use its decentralized digital billboard platform on 10,000 screens in South Korea.

1… After establishing itself in Europe, Paytomat, a provider of payment solutions for encryption, has defeated its first customer in the US market. Insomnia Café in Los Angeles, known as "the coffee of the most real writers in the city", is now on board.

$ 1 million… eToro presented a blockchain-fueled project, GoodDollar, which aims to reduce the inequality of global wealth.

The investment platform has raised up to $ 1 million in funding and calls for more "brains, ambassadors and funders" to join the initiative.

150 million euros …The second bank of Spain, BBVA, and Red Electrica Corporation have made a blockchain syndicate loan of 150 million euros.

15… The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) moved into a project test phase to revise its trade information warehouse (TIW) on cloud and distributed ledger technology in the platform.

"Ethereum is back in bull territory and is on track to enjoy substantial gains before the end of the year." I maintain that we can expect Ethereum to reach $ 500 by the end of 2018 and continue on an overall trajectory towards 39, high for all of 2019 "

Fifteen banks are conducting user acceptance tests, exploiting simulated use cases and test data and validating the interaction between systems, companies and other major market infrastructure providers, including MarkitSERV and its new platform for credit, TradeServ. Barclays, based in the United Kingdom, is among the participating banks, while the other 14 have not been named.

4… The podcast of Cryptocurrency & # 39; Off the Chain & # 39; it was removed from the Apple iTunes app last week. He reached number four on the kind of investments in the American charts before being pulled, a move that caught the presenters and the team behind it by surprise.

76%… Verge, Ethereum and Bitcoin will represent the most successful cryptocurrencies in November, putting an end to two months of limited price fluctuations in the market, according to the latest survey on site finance's Cryptocurrency Predictions forecasts.

Verge will open the way, with a 76% increase by December 1, followed by Ethereum and Bitcoin, respectively at 32% and 29%. It's bad news, however, for Tron, who should record a decline in the next month. Despite the expert panel of which provides a brilliant 2019 for the currency (growth of 80%), they believe that its value will fall by 10% in November.

£ 1.2 million… UK FinTech Atom Bank is collaborating with the University of Newcastle for a three-year project that focuses on designing better digital banking services.

Surviving FinTrust, the initiative, which involves experts in computer science, psychology and banking experts, is funded with a £ 1.2 million grant from the Research Council of Engineering and Physical Sciences in the context of a campaign 11 million pounds to support research on access and use of personal data.

Atom's blockchain and crypto-statistics project is one of the two knowledge transfer projects the challenger bank is working on, funded by Innovate UK and managed by the knowledge transfer network.

$ 80 million… The mining giant Bitcoin Bitfury raised $ 80 million in a closed funding round.

11… Technology Consultancy DataArt's iGaming Practice won the Malta Blockchain Summit hackathon.

Eleven teams worked with the main mentor and judge, John McAfee, to produce their works. Other jury members included blockchain father founder Scott Stornetta, co-founder of Ethereum Charles Hoskinson, Ilya Smagin of Waves and Lucas Park, CTO of Fleta.

For a period of 48 hours, DataArt has implemented and launched the Blockchain Charity Gambling platform.

8,500… There were no more than 5,000 participants expected to attend the Blockchain summit in Malta, which took place last week. But after a few hours of the first day (November 1), Dennis Avorin, one of the event organizers, told Coin Rivet that 8,500 had been presented.

Three… The Attorney General's Office of Arizona has accepted Sweetbridge as one of the first three projects in its new Sandbox of financial technology.

£ 20 and £ 250… eToro has created an ATM that distributes Bitcoin for free when people sing.

This is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the cryptocurrency, with the company distributing coupons worth between £ 20 and £ 250 in Bitcoins to successful singers.

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