The Blockchain Community returns to its founding principles with the revolutionary new Smart Contract investment platform

ura market

With global cryptocurrency investors affected by a period of nearly 18 months of industrial turmoil, the community requirement for a stable investment platform that mitigates market volatility has become increasingly important.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies exchanged
Global exchanges and even more come to the industry every quarter: success
the rates of new ICOs remain low compared to the consolidated currency platforms and with
ICO funds are often held on site for 1-3 months until public investment
the risk remains high.

What is needed is a platform that can reduce the risk of investors and
Confidence increases.

Presentation of – The only blockchain company of its kind
offering a fully automated, independent and secure 100% divestment option.

Based on Etherium and with strict adherence to
the founding principles of Blockchain – namely a deregulated global economy
free from state manipulation, has already provoked the market with a
Market capitalization of 630 ETH and 200 investors in 7 days.

Founded in December 2018 and based on a proven track record
mathematical algorithm, the platform excludes the possibility of price
manipulation and allows both the token overflow and the price compression scenarios.
In short, offers private financiers a real rarity – stakeholders and
commercial stability in an unstable market, maximizing the use of tokens.

Modeling to innovate.

In a word, our platform offers a contract for investors
protection with smart and codified contracts in a transparent way, to support this
it is a winning combination of both market and mathematical models.

The platform also offers investors a
range of benefits including lifetime dividends and the cash out of an ETH
portfolio at any time, flexibility and growth of symbolic prices with dividend
payments on each transaction. operates an honest refusal of ownership
and secure your transaction through the latest cryptographic technology.

No deposit of investors is taken or transferred to
the operator of the platform and users are free to leave the platform at any time.
With all the intelligent contracts immune to the developer and the manipulation of third parties,
any contract that imitates a token is assigned a "withdrawal from property"
been offering the investor an advantage.

Following the BTC lead, we are a community
guided project whose sole purpose is to provide a stable, innovative and safe solution
platform to maximize your crypto investment and market resources.

For all the media e
Industry queries, please contact us at [email protected] or chat with us today – we are happy to hear
at your place!

About Ura.Market: To learn more about us, please visit our website or read our poster.

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