The Big Bang Theory: With this radical change of look, Jim Parsons stands out from Sheldon Cooper


For 12 years, fans have kept the image of Sheldon Cooper in their mind and it remains in their memories to this day. Now, the actor who brought the character to life, Jim Parsons, shows off his new look. Check out Jim Parsons’ new look that sets him apart from Sheldon Cooper

Comic series CBS, The Big Bang Theory, remained on the air for 12 long seasons amusing millions of fans with the events of the group of scientific friends and, above all, with the ideas of the uncomfortable Sheldon Cooper played Jim Parsons.

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper and The Big Bang Theory

We are sure that many fans of The Big Bang Theory could hardly remember Jim Parsons without the physical aspect of the physicist-theorist Sheldon Cooper.

Now, it turns out that The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons has shown a whole new look on social media, very different from the Sheldon Cooper we’ve seen in every season of the comedy series.

This week, the former The Big Bang Theory actor gave his fans a look through a posted photo showing his sleek new look. The image was taken during a photo shoot for a renowned French fashion magazine.

It is important to note that the published photo is accompanied by a comment thanking the magazine, as the image represents the cover of the issue. This is what The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon interpreter wrote:

“On the unrated news, thanks a lot to @lofficielau for putting me on their cover and allowing me to delve into Boys in the Band.”

“And EXTRA special thanks to @mikeruizone for making stills easy and fun; you are great, @mikeruizone Oh, and @ 718blonde you are not that bad with these great rags. Now … VOTE!”

Jim Parsons’ new look makes him look very different from Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

Parsons’ comment also seems to appeal to the American people when inviting them to vote in the current presidential election in the United States.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory who follow Parsons know that the actor is the one who plays in the film Netflix recently released, The guys in the band, next to Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer.


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