The best potential cryptographic projects Take advantage of the SYS asset platform

  Syscoin Blockchain: the best potential cryptography projects Leveraging the SYS Asset platform
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Potential projects seeking to exploit the new blockchain

Syscoin's blockchain project promises to provide a book master, database, a native cryptocurrency and a blockchain in an attempt to remove transaction brokers. Efforts led to Syscoin's blockchain to conduct a full fork of its blockchain to launch the new Syscoin 3.0 for better peer-to-peer transactions for business applications.

Part of the new Syscoin fork envisaged the establishment of Syscoin Activities that will facilitate the tokenisation of the Syscoin network. As a result, this has allowed new businesses to finally make tokens out of the Syscoin chain.

Known Projects

Although relatively new to cryptography, Syscoin's blockchain is already set to be featured in some ICO initiatives in the future. Some of the projects involving the use of Syscoin Assets include

AIBB operates as an AI-based assistant application incorporating blockchain technology, smart contracts and a trading platform coupled with voice-controlled functions. The analytics platform helps encrypted investors grow and understand the crypto markets and their portfolios.

The AIBB intends to launch its ICO starting July 25 with the initial work phase on Ethereum before moving on to the Syscoin blockchain. Users with the Syscoin portfolio will also have access to the AiBB portfolio and its business analysis module.

Bitcap is proud to be the next-generation blockchain with more powerful networking features and loyalty mechanism. The use of Syscoin with Bitcap comes in the creation of the gamification functionality of the platform and the tokenisation model ecosystem.

The Bitcap ICO is officially at the end of 2018 and the Syscoin community should become part of the CAB token distribution. The community is available to purchase 4.5% of the supply of coins that will be available through the launches.

Coin Payments or CPS Coin is among the first cryptographic assets built on the Syscoin blockchain and with it the holders can participate in instant transactions through Quadro CoinPayments. It is also said that the CPS currency facilitates investment in ICOs such as ShelterDAO and SecurCoin & # 39; s ICOs. The holders of Syscoin tokens received 6% of the supply of CPS coins with the distribution proportional to the balance of Syscoin.

In conclusion

Although it is still a new concept within blockchain, Syscoin seeks to optimize and advance the existing blockchain technology. However, most of the projects that intend to use Syscoin's blockchain are very conceptually, and it remains wise to wait and see how they present themselves after exploiting the technology.

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