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The best new companies plan to enter the Japanese cryptocurrency market

The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) recently announced that there are many companies to date that have talked about their attention as cryptocurrency operators. The FSA said:

Including preliminary consultations / registration requests, more than 190 operators are expressing their intention to enter the market.

There are now 16 registered cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan. Under the amended Payment Services Act, cryptographic operators must register with the FSA. Japan also has three dealers considered, which are the companies that have been authorized to operate while their contributions have been studied by the regulator. They are Lastroots, Coincheck and Everyco & # 39; s Bitcoin.

190 companies are entering the Japanese cryptocurrency market. In September, the controlled exchange of cryptocurrencies Zaif was reduced and replaced by an additional regulated exchange, Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange Inc. Bittrade was recently learned by Huobi and is in the launching procedure as Huobi Japan. Madison Group has sent a plan to obtain a key in Bitocean, another registered exchange. By adding, Ceres Inc. has transmitted a capital bond with the Xtheta cryptocurrency exchange to begin a joint spiral service later. Among the dealers held, Coincheck was acquired by Monex Group after being violated in January. The Bitcoin of all was acquired by mega e-commerce and the internet giant Rakuten Inc. Despite the acquisitions, the FSA confirmed to news.Bitcoin.com on Wednesday that Japan currently has 16 registered cryptographic exchanges.

Tokyo has a reputation recognized as a global home for technology and invention at the forefront. It was the first low-cost principal to lend legality on virtual currencies, recognizing Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a lover of the law in April 2017. In September, the Monetary Services Agency formally recognized many companies like cryptocurrency bags. At the moment, there are sixteen in the process, while the rest of the sixteen are awaiting authorization. In January 2018, Coincheck's Japanese cryptocurrency exchange was cut into what was labeled the main digital currency theft in history, moving 260,000 clienteles. Although this does not seem to have discouraged the Japanese government or its population. Cryptocurrency is particularly generous among a group of young savers, who welcome the optimistic method of the state in founding Japan as the world capital of cryptocurrency.

South Korea and Japan are great actors in the world of cryptocurrencies. Both are high-tech humanities modified for the acceptance of many technologies. Both are also low-growth frugality with relatively high cost savings. It was natural that these countries played a role in bridging the gap that had opened since the collapse of the Chinese government. However, the encrypted economy is not recommended. Knowing the root cause of the emerging supremacy of these countries on the cryptocurrency market helps to predict what the future might hold.

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