The benefits of ETH 2.0 will come faster than people expect, Vitalik says in AMA

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently answered a series of community questions as part of a “ask me anything” or AMA session on Reddit. During the AMA, hosted by the Ethereum Foundation’s ETH 2.0 research team, Buterin said he expects notable network improvements sooner rather than later.

“TLDR: Merge happens faster, PoS happens faster, you get your juicy 100k TPS faster,” Buterin said Wednesday as part of the foundation’s fifth AMA on ETH 2.0.

The Ethereum network has experienced periods of high congestion at various points over the years, depending on the various applications and related traffic. CryptoKitties slowed the Ethereum network in 2017. More recently, decentralized finance activity has clogged the Ethereum blockchain, leading to high fees and longer than average confirmation times.

Ethereum 2.0 represents a scaling solution that dramatically increases the number of transactions per second. It will also shift the blockchain to a different consensus algorithm known as proof-of-stake. Although the transition has suffered a number of delays, the team says they are currently aiming for a December 1 launch date for ETH 2.0 Phase 0.

Updates focused on rollups, a simplified merge and parallelization of phases are among the major revisions of the ETH 2.0 roadmap, according to Buterin, impacting the final results of the network. “All of these changes are designed to shorten the time before eth2 becomes useful for people,” Buterin said.

Downsizing, in general, has been a heated debate in the crypto space, not just with Ethereum but also for other assets, like Bitcoin.