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The BBC "Fatma" is not Syrian

German Der related review by Spiegel Claas Relotius After the confession that news writing about immigrant children in Turkey on BBC Three channel, in March 2016 and in December 2018 opened access to various online platforms on the Internet & # 39; Sex in Strani Places & # 39; (Weird Places We did some research on suspicious images in the documentary Sex.


documentary broadcast channel BBC Three, 35, is said to be "Fatma". is that the ruin wars of a woman from Aleppo had escaped, Syria-Turkey border that pays the money for human traffickers and Turkey, for whom no vision support 'you find statements had been forced to ask for the 39; alms. Presenting the documentary, Stacey Dooley states that para Fatma, who lives in Aksaray, Istanbul, was forced to sell her body during the days when she could not earn enough money from begging.


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Stacey Dooley, presenter of the documentary, after the increasing tension in the shopkeepers of Bazaar of Foundations Bazaar, said: iyle This is because you are a Syrian woman. This is a very racist behavior. It feels unacceptable In the documentary, there are statements in Syria that no refugees have been given any help and that they have no rights. Speaking with Hürriyet & # 39; ye Vakıflar Çarşısı Veysel Gül, he has worked in the Bazaar for 15-20 years, claiming to be Harranlı women who roamed, he said. Veysel, who says he speaks Turkish, Kurdish and Arab, speaks to the BBC in exchange for money, claiming to have predicted that the woman he had seen for years was about 50 years old.


Producer of BBC documentary Julia Rooke said the woman who was proclaimed prostitution in Aksaray is ethnically Turkish because she had no official documents while fleeing illegally from Hatay province to Hatay. Rooke, a BBC documentary team said the woman was found by people who helped the Syrians in Turkey was superior. The local producer who helped Hürriyet reach the BBC said: "I went to the translation only a few times, I do not know who found this woman and other people Rooke, the e-mail he sent, geçmişte The woman He served in the army of her husband, Assad, and in the past had shops in Aleppo.No there is any official document illegally entered Turkey … because her husband was ill, while the eldest daughter was kidnapped from Deas. She spoke Arabic and her Turkish was quite corrupt In the BBC Three documentary, she often speaks Turkish only using abusive expressions.After doubts about the documentary appeared, it was revealed that the BBC, which Hürriyet had contacted , had removed the documentaries from their site and YouTube account.

The BBC is not the Syrian

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In Germany, Der Spiegel journalist Claas Relotius after the resignation of fiction must admit that the news published in numerous journals, including story for children of immigrants in Turkey had been raised around the world. Relotius, & # 39; Königskinder & # 39; (sons of the King) after taking a photo of two refugee children had seen an article titled in Turkey these children, Ahmed and Ali was nominated & quot; slaves children & # 39; of the brothers, as in Aleppo, the children's home, which described writing that detonated the bomb, Der L & # 39; article published on Spiegel appeared last month when it was "fiction". On July 9th 2016, Relotius received the award for the best news.

The BBC is not the Syrian


In the last part of the Istanbul document, one of the actors in the debate between the television team and the Laleli Foundation, the craftsman İshan Ünal.
Unal, the documentary "Syrian Fatma", as shown in women for many years, came to the market is a beggar Harran, he said. Unal said they said they could not shoot because they did not have permission to document the documentary team. Unal said, nedeniyle C was a Turk next to the documentary team. They tried to shoot and we told them they could not do it because they did not. The person who calls Syria is the one who has been here for years. Even if you completely cover your face, we also know it from his voice and we walk on Yüz.


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In the documentary taken at the end of 2015, Stacey Dooley says that Syrian refugees have created one of the largest suburban arkas in Istanbul, going to the back streets of the Suleymaniye Mosque. In the documentary, the region in which Kasnakçılar Street is located is defined as one of the largest Syrian margins in Istanbul. İbrahim Ulusoy, who has been shopping at Kasnakçılar Street since 1973, confirms that there are more Syrians in the region at the time of the documentary, but that there are only two Syrian families living in Kasnakçılar Street, which is shown in the documentary.


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