THE BALL – “Tottenham have made four shots and two goals, congratulations to them” (Manchester City)

A little sarcastically, Pep Guardiola took advantage of the press conference to kick off the match with Olympiakos for the Champions League to scramble Manchester City’s 0-2 defeat to Tottenham last Saturday.

«The fault of this season is the coach. I have to find a way around this and adapt things to the players I have. I have to help them. We scored a lot of goals last season but now we are in trouble and I have to find the solution. We played well but we still have to create clearer scoring situations. The season is still at the beginning, I think we will be happy. In the match against Tottenham they went ahead twice in 90 minutes. In the second, they were brilliant, with Kane ducking and creating the goal. They made four shots and two goals, congratulations to them. All the teams are defending themselves against us in a low block except Chelsea and Liverpool and we must find a way around the problem », the Catalan coach underlined.


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