THE BALL – The Portuguese League loses space in the eleven of the Selection (Selection)


Today Portugal play with Andorra at the Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, a preparation match for the League of Nations immediately afterwards with France and Croatia, challenges in which, or only one of them, Fernando Santos will probably choose an eleven without a player who plays in the Portuguese league, which will happen for the first time in real matches since the engineer took over the Portuguese team in October 2014 – even in private matches, it has only happened once, with Egypt, in March 2018, about which we will talk later.

In the call-up for the three games initially mentioned there are two players playing in Portugal, one rookie on call, striker Paulinho, of SC Braga, the other, midfielder Sérgio Oliveira, of FC Porto, looking for space , counting four appearances and, in non-private matches, adding up to 12 minutes divided into clashes with Italy, in 2018 (League of Nations), and Croatia, this year (League of Nations).

It can obviously happen that in matches with France and / or Croatia both, or only one of them, are the starting lineup and in this sense the first team in qualifying matches or in the final stages of Europe, World Cup, League of Nations or Cup. Confederations without any National League players will not be formed yet, but in any case the numbers show that this is getting closer.


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