THE BALL – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – a point in favor of PlayStation 5 (Games)


It’s not like waiting for a time bomb to go off, but the waiting time before the first PlayStation 5 consoles begin to arrive in Portugal has been anxiously passed by all those who preordered the most desired ‘toy’ of the moment.

Well, at BOLA we have already had the opportunity to try the new Sony console – soon we will publish the first impressions – and the happiness (it can be said) of having performed – for evaluation purposes – some of the titles that are already available on the market. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was the most recent and after a few hours of play we have to make a very positive balance.

COD: Cold War is, in essence, faithful to all the titles in the series and although in the new generation it presents graphics (lights, shadows, details …) more impressive than ever, it remains an action movie game, especially in single player campaign. Still, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to realize that there is something very special about the gaming experience. What? Not being the story, nor the graphics (which are good, it has already been said), it ends up being the experience itself. Yes … how the game feels.

And the verb to hear is used here in a literal sense, because COD: BOCW is an excellent business card for PlayStation 5, as it makes us understand the path that the new Sony ‘monster’ in the world of video games will follow.

In the coming years, everything will revolve (in the PlayStation universe) around DualSense, the new controller that, we were promised, would give an immersive gaming experience. And if they promised, they kept it better. The new Call Of Duty takes advantage of the announced features and increases the tension of a battle to levels never before experienced on a console. How you do it? Make the feeling of using each of the available weapons different. From the force to pull the trigger, to the vibration of the command depending on the rate of fire (and the power) of each weapon, everything has been worked by Activision to take advantage of DualSense.

And if the result is impressive, we should expect more, especially when we take into account that Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is just one of the first titles to exploit the innovative potential.


For those who grew up in the 1980s, Cold War has always seemed like a name far from the fear that each of us felt of waking up to a missile hitting our city, even more so because there was no access to information at the time. like today. The truth is that the Cold War had several very hot moments, when it brought together the political-economic interests and military power of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, or simplified the United States and the Soviet Union, plus their respective allies. .

It is for this scenario that Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tries to transport us. Get it now with the well-dated opening video, and with an adrenaline-filled first secret mission, in which our mission is to capture a target, something for which we will have to fire several shots, visit different scenarios and, anyway, conduct an interrogation – having to make decisions that, like others, will affect the end of the story in campaign mode.

More than talking about the story, it is important to say how the game responds to expectations. In terms of graphics and sound, it’s on par with the best we’ve seen – the fact that we played on a Sony-provided PlayStation 5 is no stranger to it. The strong point, however, turns out to be the use of heavy weapons (no, the game does not lack respect to the weapons existing at the time of the action). In other words, and as already mentioned, the new Dual Sense controller.

That said, it must be recognized that the novelty effect of the story does not substantially alter previous experiences with the games in the series and, while with good dynamics, it also ends up not answering some of the questions that are raised.

Obviously, the essence of a first person shooter is to collect accurate shots and eliminate all enemies that move and, in this sense, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – which broke sales records on the first day (Friday 13)!) – satisfies what was proposed.


Nowadays – far from the Cold War – there are two successful formulas that are successfully applied: online, which is increasingly part of our life and which in games allows us to play intense matches against humans from all over the planet ; and zombies, which are an asset to players who like to kill the undead (pass the sentence).

The new Call of Duty presents itself as a cross-play game – that is, it is played on all platforms – and maintains incredible performance, with fluid graphics and epic combat.

The zombies, for their part, are also returning to the delight of fans: PlayStation players will also have access to Assault mode, in which two people will face hordes of zombies together.


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