THE BALL – “At the moment Sporting is only the strongest team in Portugal” (Portuguese Cup)

In this Sacavenense meeting with Sporting – 88 years later – it is the debut for the coach Rui Gomes, as well as for some of the current members of the squad. A factor that is seen as an extra incentive for this duel with the lions.

“Logically, all this game brings us are just positive feelings. It will surely be the most popular game in the life of the vast majority of athletes; it is therefore up to us to enhance it », believes the coach of the group that plays the Serie F of the Portuguese championship.

An opponent with the strength of Sporting should lead to a slightly different Sacavenense. But never submissive, guarantees Rui Gomes: «We must always take into account the opponent we are going to face. Right now it is only the strongest team in Portugal. We will certainly pay attention to their style of play, without ever giving up on ours “, guarantees the coach, who never stops dreaming, even with the team that cannot play at Sacavém because of the lights – the match has passed to the National Stadium .

The coach acknowledges that the team may have lost some of its assets, but the hope remains:

“Clearly, playing on our court would increase our chances of success, both on the floor and on the smaller size. As this is not possible, I think the best stadium available has been found. Hopefully, this is the first of two visits we will make to Jamor this season. This was truly wonderful for this group. “


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