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The authorities look for the owner of a "ghost" aircraft at Madrid airport

theThe Spanish authorities are looking for a plane that is abandoned at the Barajas airport in Madrid, reveals El País. The device, a McDonnell Douglas MD87, has been cut on the airport's runway for several years.

Last Friday, the director of Barajas airport, Elena Mayoral, published a notice in the Official Gazette of the State where he counted on the abandonment of the aircraft and hoped that someone now came to claim ownership of the device .

If this does not happen in the next few days, two more notices will be published in the next six months. But if, within one year from this first publication in the BOE, the aircraft is not claimed, it will be sold to the public auction.

According to the magazine Preferente.com, the aircraft flew for the first time from Iberia in 1990. Subsequently it was bought by an airline of Albacete that operated charter flights. This airline declared bankruptcy a year later.

The aircraft was then purchased in 2010 by a Las Palmas company that ran its planes from Madrid. However, the "ghost" aircraft never flew to the Saicus Air service and in December 2010 the story was repeated: the airline declared bankruptcy.

The engines were then sealed and the McDonnell Douglas MD87 did not return to leave the asphalt of the Barajas runway.

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