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The Arab world is driven by bloody and corrupt

Al Sharq Forum's general director, Al Jazeera's former general manager, Wadah Khanfar and Newsweek magazine looked at the results of the year ended in 2019 and wondered if this new year would be the year of change in the area. Arabic? ".

Khanfar said in an article translated by "Arabic 21"The Arab world suffers from a state of" brutality "because it is" led by bloody generals, tyrannical princes and corrupt politicians ".

Khanfar said the current scene in the Arab world will remain a heavy burden on the conscience of humanity for decades to come.

So the full text of the article translated as "Arabic 21":

When I looked at the reality of the Arab world before the beginning of 2018, I hoped, with many people, that it would bring a new beginning into the Arab world. The cruelty of reality and its unbearable ruthlessness push for the immediate end of years of loss and an urgent transition to healing. .

The Arab world continued to decline in 2018 to a new level: a complete disintegration of the logic of time and a clear decline towards the mentality of the Middle Ages, and if the positive element of this year is that the brutality of the official Arab system has been revealed to the world clearly.

The Arab world is now the lowest point of human reality: we are faced with a savage led by bloodthirsty generals, tyrannical princes and corrupt politicians, a scene that will weigh humanity consciousness for decades to come.

The Middle East has gone through a whole century of turbulent transition: since the end of the First World War, the region has sought political consensus: the countries of the First World War have failed at all levels and have reduced their role in three jobs. And the second is to strategically control the resources of the region, the most important of which is oil, and the third to curb greedy people towards a decent future, a logic expressed by Western politicians in a word without any sincerity: maintain stability.

These policies succeeded in keeping the countries of the region under the control of the great powers, but at the same time creating a destructive reality: terror, refugees and chaos broke out in the face of the world.

When the Arab Spring kicked off in 2011, it brought two values: freedom and dignity, led by a new generation with an enormous card of hope in the future, a firm belief that democracy is the solution and that diversity religious, cultural and ethnic are a source of strength. And for the first time in a century, the Arabs have proudly released the world, and we are moving to the future, to free the burden from impotence and inferiority, but the young dream has not reached its end. , he was assassinated by the counterrevolutionary states, He is not possessed by the forces of the young Arab spring: wealth and support West.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates spent a lot of money to organize and install the military coup in Egypt in 2013. They continued to support General Haftar in Libya and spent money to distort the democratic transition in Tunisia. The Syrian regime he took advantage of the atmosphere of repression of democratic forces and continued the war. The end of the counterrevolutionary forces' efforts was the useless and bloody war against Yemen, which made it the poorest country in the world and put 17 million of its children on the edge of hunger.

The result of the last five years is bitter, but the world continues to overlook all this, until the horror of a crime that has shaken the human conscience of the world has become evident: the brutal killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

The Saudi hereditary prince, Mohammed bin Salman, was able to exploit his country's vast oil wealth to present himself to the western capitals, who are hungry for lucrative business, like the new rebirth of the old queen. And it promised to the international companies abundant profits, the western politicians began to implore the great reformer, and while Mohammed bin Salman was found in the president of the United States Donald Trump a great ally, he used this support to run in the great folly that was not seen in the region before and did not engage Saudi Arabia through decades of government of the House of Saud, the Yemen war on the borders of the Lebanese prime minister was arrested, besieged by Qatar and imprisoned over 1,600 prisoners of conscience, including women who had asked for the right to drive, but the Western official circles preferred to turn a blind eye to all this and continue to praise promising results. The young prince.

Since the absolute authority is completely corrupt, the prince began to consider himself immune to any criticism, and he was capable of anything, pushed him recklessly to commit the killing of Khashoggi, since he considered himself a supporter of the divine right to the king. . In principle, he can imprison, torture and kill anyone he likes, but in the case of Khashoggi he moved to a new level that left him in a situation he did not consider: he committed the crime against a well-known journalist who writes for the press world and has committed the crime in Turkey. The reality of the new regime led by the crown prince has been revealed to the world.

In the context of the Khashoggi theme, the international press has risen to the level of responsibility: an automatic global coalition of journalists and human rights activists has emerged and conducted a campaign that finally resonates with governments and parliaments. The reality of the prince wavering is revealed by the reforms and the world is naked.

The United States Senate voted unanimously to charge Mohammed bin Salman for Khashoggi's death after the CIA briefing, despite President Trump, who continued to defend his ally.This is a positive development In European capitals official reactions were too low. The official Europe, which failed the democratic forces in 2013, condemned the crime but did not condemn the criminal, this is a serious mistake: Europe should awaken the following fact: the Middle East is no longer a geopolitical geography separated from Europe, of the European reality politically It is the Middle East that constitutes the European reality: the chaos created by the ignorance of the Arab Spring has found its way to Europe: the growing extremists righteous are at the center of his populist discourse that intimidates refugees and European Muslims, the Arab dictatorial reality is no longer a question of silence. It protects stability and fights terrorism, but it is the cause of reality that generates chaos and breaks terrorism.

Western capitals must not hesitate to face the reality of the clash of all human values, they must raise their voices to defend democracy in the Arab world, if they are not in love with virtue, try to achieve security and stability in Europe, And do not allow counterrevolutionary states to succeed in destroying the only remaining hope of the Arab Spring. The protection of the Tunisian situation is a moral necessity and a strategic interest: its collapse will confirm a message to the Arab peoples: the hope for a peaceful change is no longer possible.

(Translated specifically for "Arab 21", for the magazine "Newsweek" America)

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