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The Arab position towards the return of Syria to the university "is not yet mature"

The secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said that the Arab position on the return of Syria to its headquarters in the Arab League has not yet matured, underlining that the result in this regard so far is that it was not agreed by the Arabs.

This happened during a joint press conference held by the Secretary General of the Arab League and the Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil following the closed-door meeting of foreign ministers and the Economic and Social Council who are preparing for the fourth session of the Arab economic summit , to be held in Beirut on Sunday.

Abul-Gheit stressed that the League of Arab States is "the result of all Arab visions" and if the Arab countries do not agree on a particular issue, we talk about "incompatibility", stressing that the Arab League takes its positions only through discussions.

"I would like to say that I participated today in one of the very good meetings, which was characterized by the objectivity, the speed and the adoption of all resolutions discussed at the level of permanent delegates: the economic summit has about 29 projects resolutions or an article that has been fully approved and presented at the summit,.

The general secretary of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said during a joint press conference with Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil: "The main observation is that there were no clear differences or difficulties in approving the draft agenda of the Arab summit for economic and social development in Beirut, and clarity of purpose, led to the summit to make good decisions in the economic and social field ".

He added that the Arab economic summit is linked to the decisions, strategy and method of addressing the economic and development problems of all Arab countries and stressed that if the projects, studies and topics discussed are approved, especially as regards it concerns the digital economy and the tendency of the Arab world to focus on the digital economy as a new concept for construction companies, This is a very good result.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said that all 29 articles were approved during the ministerial meeting in accordance with the agreement.

He underlined the existence of a consensus to solve the economic and social problems experienced by the Arab countries, in particular the problems of poverty, unemployment, migration and malnutrition, which are common Arab problems.

The minister stressed that work is being done to extend the Arab economic framework to a wider market and more comprehensive treatments and that this is more effective when it is jointly implemented by the Arab countries and stressed that the main humanitarian crisis is the crisis of displaced persons and refugees. It is essentially a political crisis, but its economic and social repercussions are very large. "It is the largest in this century and its largest size is concentrated in our region".

He stressed that Lebanon offered Syria's return to the League of Arab States: "This needs mechanisms and formulas, which are not decided by a country, and this problem can not be left until it is there. a void in the Arab world ".

He added that the issue of women and their emancipation was raised more, especially since there is no development beyond women as they represent half of Arab society. "We can not talk about Arab social and economic development and half of our society is disabled".

As for the energy portfolio in the Arab world, Bassil pointed out that a common market was created and other things "I think the picture is good to work on".

He stressed that the level of representation of Arab leaders in the Arab economic summit is the right of every country. "None of us should comment on it, especially in previous economic summits: the level of participation was between five and seven presidents and leaders, and this does not mean that the rest is boycotting".


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