The Arab countries are the most importers of wheat in the world


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1 August 2019

Ambassador Mohamed Al-Rabie, general secretary of the Economic Unity Council of the League of Arab States, thanked the efforts of Sameh Ashour, the Egypt of Egyptian lawyers and the president of the Union, for the his efforts in the past to establish this Union and all the Arab quality centers to join in a union of Arab arbitration.

During the opening session of the International Arbitration Conference, Al-Rabie said that the Arab countries got rid of colonialism under the leadership of living leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, who, through his court and his faith, has extracted the abhorrent colonialism that dominated the resources of our Arab countries. And we managed to destroy the concept of an Arab nation, and we became scattered islands.

He stressed that the Arab countries are importers of all their needs, especially the basic ones, for example, the Arab countries are the most importers of wheat globally, while we export our raw resources, especially oil, which we export since 1933

He underlined the need to establish an Arab economic bloc based on manufacturing and petrochemical industries, depending on the extraordinary natural and human resources of the region, so that our Arab countries occupy their natural position at the international level, the resulting economic prosperity and a dignified life for future generations, above all that we are exposed to the scarcity of water that comes from all over the Arab region from the outside.

Al-Rabie expressed his confidence in Ashour's ability to make the Union a basis for the Arab economy, especially as we face the reconstruction of a number of Arab countries that have witnessed conflicts in recent years, relying on Arab experts and judges, developing them and training them to become international referees. That banks and banks begin to lend to investors, especially in the industrial sector without which we will not move forward.

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