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The Animoca Brands and WAX platform collaborate to accelerate the Blockchain collection Crypto trading

Animoca-brands-and-the-CERA-platform have collaborated-to-accelerate collectibles-crypto-trading-and-virtual-articles-on-the-blockchain

The Animoca brands and the WAX ​​platform have collaborated to accelerate collectible encryption and virtual items on the blockchain

The Trademarks of Animoca is one of the main developers of gamification, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. They have just announced that they have been able to execute a term sheet that can be used for collaboration together with an exchange of the current value that is with the SEC.

Exposition Park Holdings is the company that was responsible for overseeing WAX, which is Worldwide Asset eXchange, the global e-commerce platform that has been used for the exchange and trading of several virtual items.

More on the WAX ​​platform

The WAX ​​platform was created by the founders behind OPSkins, a platform that has been considered the largest virtual object that can be found on the market. A platform that has been able to facilitate over 150 million purchases in digital collector assets.

WAX has been able to provide a complete suite of tools based on blockchain technology, tools that have been designed in such a way as to allow a person to exchange different digital elements all made in a secure and instantaneous way. WAX was launched in July 2018 and since then has been able to be the biggest blockchain when looking at transaction volumes, this means having more than 5 million exchanges taking place on a par with different digital collectibles every single day.

More on The Collaboration

Animoca Brands has gone on to collaborate with WAX so that they are able to lead the mass market adoption on the different collectibles on the market based on blockchain technology.

With the help of the millions of WAX transactions taking place on a given day, it will help the company expand the reach of the subsidiary Pixowl & # 39; s, which is The Sandbox to enter the player community. Furthermore, the collaboration will be able to help increase the usefulness of both platforms for these companies.

Sandbox is designed as a decentralized community in which the various creators and developers on the platform will be able to monetize voxel resources along with the gaming experiences that take place in blockchain technology.

The platform was developed by Pixowl, which is a gaming studio recently acquired by the Animoca Brands, at the time The Sandbox is a very successful mobile franchise that has been able to acquire 40 million installations, have 1.2 million players active each month and around 70 million worlds that have been successfully created. Later in 2019 is when the company will launch the Mac, PC and mobile blockchain version.

The Animoca Brands platform will allow the generation of NFT, which is the player who has made non-fungible tokens, which can be easily generated on The Sandboxblockchain that can easily be bought and sold while on the Marketplace created by WAX. In addition, the company will undertake to demonstrate further visibility and liquidity to the creators on the platform.

C & # 39; is a mutual exchange of value on the platform

With the agreement they have in place, Animoca Brands and WAX will start a mutual agreement value that will amount to around $ 250,000. In this agreement, Animoca Brands will exchange some of the ordinary shares in its stocks that are equivalent in value to the WAX ​​tokens.

With the tokens and shares exchanged, it will be subject to a deposit period of 24 months.

With this collaboration in place, it will be able to expand the network of Animoca Brands and be able to enhance various opportunities for synergy. At the same time, the WAX ​​platform will also be able to ensure that all its players on the platform can enjoy a positive experience during trading.

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