The Airbus A320 now has a new entrance area in its “Airspace” cabin


Despite the turmoil caused by the crisis, the aviation industry follows a clear strategy for the future: constantly innovating to make flights even more efficient, sustainable, safe and comfortable. This maxim has permeated aviation for decades. As part of this process, Airbus created the “Airspace” cabin.

One of the leading companies in aircraft interior technology is FACC, which has been collaborating with Airbus on its projects for many years. In mid-2018, Airbus entered into a contract with the FACC to develop and manufacture the entrance area Airspace cabin for A320 models. After a development phase, the first parts of this new functionality were delivered to Airbus in Hamburg this week. Serial production has also begun.

Entrance area

The completely redesigned entrance area of ​​the A320 family features a sophisticated looking design and makes important contributions to the constant optimization of the weight of the aircraft with fiber composite materials.

The cabin solution includes the entire entrance area and door cladding in the front, center and rear sections of the aircraft. Through a sophisticated integration of the lighting system, called “Hero Light” and recently introduced by Airbus in the cabin. Meanwhile, the entrance area is the first element passengers notice when boarding a plane. The technical design of the components implements a unique new aesthetic style, as well as a high level of well-being, ensuring an attractive first impression.

However, some things remain hidden from passengers: thanks to the intelligent and innovative connection concept, maintenance times for the aircraft technicians can be minimized, which in turn further increases the aircraft’s competitiveness.

“Airbus has placed its trust in FACC for the interiors of its A320 models. We have been working together as close partners for several years. I am very pleased that we can start series production immediately after the delivery of this innovative interior solution which is new to the FACC product portfolio “, reports Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC AG. The development work was carried out in a short time and considered very complex.

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