The age group most affected by the crown in Egypt is between 35 and 50 years


Dr Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, presented a report on the current situation of the new Corona virus in Egypt during a cabinet meeting today chaired by Dr Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister.

The minister explained that the age stage most affected by emerging coronal disease in Egypt is between 35 and 50 years, with a rate of 30.7% of total injuries, and the highest age stage in death rates. a Corona aged 60 and over, rates between 33% and 35%, and does not exceed The mortality rate per crown in children is 1%.

The minister warned that the most crowded and frequented places by citizens are the markets, stressing the need to take precautionary measures and emphasize the prevention of rallies, and also stressed that it has become universally observed that the highest mortality rate occurs in months of December and January, due to the increase in the incidence of respiratory diseases. Noting that in light of the epidemic, all precautionary measures need to be taken more during these months to avoid the high death rate.

The Minister of Health and Population presented the most important preparations for the possible second wave of the Corona virus, noting that 27 sub-operating rooms connected to the central operating room were operated to follow and speed up the response to cases, as well as updating and release the fourth version of the protocol for the treatment of the emerging corona virus and follow the adherence to the treatment protocols through the scientific committee With the increase of strategic stocks of drugs for the emerging corona virus treatment protocol.

He added that the stock of preventive supplies has been increased and the workforce trained in issuing scientific protocols to deal with cases and control infection, with the work of the Republic-level laboratory system doubling and the increase in operational capacity of a total of 61 laboratories, in addition to increasing the efficiency of hospitals for screening, chest, diets and isolation, in addition to Developing the gas network and increasing the supply of CT devices to hospitals, as well as collaborating with the Organization World Healthcare and Sinovac to begin preparing a production line in Vaxira to transfer manufacturing technology for emerging coronavirus vaccines, with the completion of the first phase of clinical trials on two vaccines for the Sinopharm company with 300,000 participants, In addition to increasing the capacity of Hotline 105.

The Minister of Health and Population also indicated the continuation of work on all public health initiatives, the continuation of the treatment convoys and the distribution of protocol bags, with the supply of subsidized industrial milk for a period of 3 months and ordinary vaccinations, as well as the continuation of the system of closing waiting lists for surgical interventions, and the issuing of therapeutic decisions to be borne by the State and the insurance companies. Health for three months for people with chronic diseases.

Dr Hala Zayed also presented the latest position on vaccines, explaining that on November 9 Pfizer and BioNTech announced that preliminary data indicated the vaccine was more than 90% effective after testing the vaccine on 43,000 participants, and this was the first time that A company has achieved such a result and the two companies have been given permission to begin testing the vaccine on 12-year-olds, the first clinical trial to do so.

The minister also presented the position of scientific and therapeutic protocols globally, and explained the main changes included in the fourth version of the protocol of the Ministry of Health for the care of Corona.

In this context, the Minister of Health and Population has determined the measures to guarantee the reduction of the spread of the Coronavirus infection, asking all parties to cooperate in the control and reduction of crowding and gatherings, and maintaining compliance with masks, in order to avoid the increase in numbers and its repercussions on the health and economic system, warning that poor ventilation, gatherings and length.The collection time, the lack of space, the lack of adherence to the nose and the spacing distance are all elements that negatively affect the spread of the virus, indicating the need to practice sports in open spaces, obtain social distances and reduce the presence in closed spaces.

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