The A-stock market returns to a steady state with a net inflow of 6 billion in funds from the north.


[Il trend del mercato delle azioni A torna alla stabilità e l’afflusso netto di capitali dal nord è di 6 miliardi]After experiencing “Black Wednesday”, the trend of the A stock market returned to stability yesterday. The Shanghai Stock Exchange index rose by 0.22% to close at 3,369.73 points; the ChiNext index fell by 0.23% to 2609.39 points; Beijing’s net purchases of funds exceeded 6 billion yuan, a recent high. The market as a whole shows a tendency to differentiate: in terms of different industries, among Shenwan’s tier-one industries, the military and defense industry, public services and banks have the largest gains. Cyclical inventories such as cars, appliances, steel and chemicals have fallen dramatically. (Securities Times)

After experiencing “Black Wednesday”, the A-share market returned to stability yesterday.Shanghai IndexIt increased by 0.22% to close at 3,369.73 points;Market index of growing companiesIt fell from 0.23% to 2609.39 points;Capital to the northNet purchases exceeded 6 billion yuan, a recent high level. The market as a whole is showing a trend towards differentiation. In terms of different industries, including Shenwan’s tier one industries, the national defense industry,Public servicesbankEarnings in other sectors are among the top. Cyclical stocks such as automobiles, appliances, steel, and chemicals fell sharply.

Yesterday, two consecutive days of net sales before the end of the Northward Fund, the total transaction amount reached 83.393 billion yuan.Net inflow6.029 billion yuan, of which,Shanghai Stock ConnectThe net inflow was 3.159 billion yuan,Shenzhen Stock ConnectThe net inflow was 2.87 billion yuan.

The net inflow of the Beijing capital yesterday was in fourth place in the November daily transaction data. Prior to that, on November 5, November 9, and November 23 (this Monday), the net inflow of funds from Beijing to China exceeded 10 billion yuan.

In terms of active actions,Wanhua ChemicalMidea GroupBYDIt was NingdeGree ElectricNet purchases today are among the top, with net purchases of 389 million yuan, 383 million yuan, 364 million yuan, 293 million yuan and 283 million yuan respectively. However, the aforementioned stocks all fell to varying degrees today.

Furthermore,Kweichow MoutaiWuliangyeContinue to experience the net sale of Beijing funds. Yesterday,Kweichow MoutaiNet sales of 433 million yuan,WuliangyeNet sales of 411 million yuan. At the end of yesterdayKweichow MoutaiFinally it closed up by 0.43%,WuliangyeIt fell by 0.91%. On Wednesday, Wuliangye sold 840 million yuan in net sales and Kweichow Moutai sold 835 million yuan in net sales.

After the collective plunge of new Chinese automakers into the US stock market yesterday, the new A-share energy vehiclesindustryChain stocks also underwent a significant correction. between them,SugonYongding sharesWansheng sharesYunnei PowerNew YinbaoshanLimit,JACDongfeng MotorJiangling MotorsChangan AutomobileMany stocks fell more than 5%.

The market generally believes that the A-share new energy automotive sector is in a trend of “compensatory decline” today. According to the November 25 news, the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice requesting local development and reform commissions to report to the industry department of the National Development and Reform Commission on their Investments in new energy vehicles before November 18. Among them, all regions are required to provide information on planning and promoting investment of pure electric vehicle projects in the region. Among them, all regions are clearly required to report Evergrande, Baoneng, etc. in detail.enterpriseThe new projects of vehicles and energy components that have been invested and planned to be invested in the territory since 2017, includinglandEmployment, construction content, project progress, completed investment, etc. Industry believes that the direction of industrial policy is gradually changing from weight to quality.

However, the new energy vehicle sector is still one of the sectors where capital flows northward, with the exception of the third and fourth net purchase amount mentioned aboveBYDwithIt was Ningde, Northbound Funds ReturnAdd warehouseInnovative technologywithSAIC, The net purchase amount yesterday reached 185 million yuan and 119 million yuan respectively.

Yuekai Securities believes that from a medium to long-term rationale, the demand for car purchases is on the rise and the epidemic is low.Basic effectThe strong boom is expected to continue until next year. The automotive sector still has medium to long-term configuration value. We can focus on leading vehicles in the pro-cyclical environment and relatively low valuationExportInvestment opportunity for leading parts.

This week, the A-share market has shown a turbulent trend, with clear differentiation between the dishes.

Shanghai Securities believes itinterest rateIn the context of the uptrend, the market valuation is suppressed and the high valuation sector could suffer. The A stock market could turn intoPerformanceThe market driven, pro-cyclical sector could continue to become the main line of investment in the next market.

First, the dollar tends to weakenProductpriceStrengthening favors the cycle sector. Second, insideExternal economicsThe rebound of the pro-cyclical sector provided support for the better performance. Export to ChinaIndustrial chainResilience will further increase demand from pro-cyclical industries. Third, valuation andInstitutional positionsBoth are at a relatively low level in history and there will be momentum for valuations to restore as the economy improves.

In terms of allocation, Yuekai Securities believes thatStarting a businessBoard Logic follows the main line of the “14th Five Year Plan” and focuses on leading assets that are cost effective after retrofitting, such as the military industry, new energy vehicles, and semiconductor industry leaders who are thriving and catalyzed by policies; procyclical attention;security boundaryHighly undervalued sectors, such as appliances, furniture,InsuranceWait.

(Source: Securities Times)

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