The 2020 parliamentary elections begin to vote. The polls have been opened in several countries: Romanians from the diaspora elect senators and deputies

2020 parliamentary elections. The Romanians of the diaspora have two days this year to elect their senators and deputies: Saturday and Sunday.

It is the first time that parliamentary elections abroad have taken place in two days.

Voting takes place from 7:00 to 21:00 (local time), with the possibility of an extension until 23:59 local time if there are still voters in the polling station or queuing outside the polling station to enter the polling station.

The total number of Romanian citizens residing abroad who have the right to vote in these elections has ended 740,000.

35,808 Romanian citizens from abroad opted for voting by correspondence and 3,078 opted for voting at the polling station. Most of the questions to vote at the polling station were presented by Romanians from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy.

The list of candidates from which the citizens of the Diaspora can choose can be consulted here.

How many polling stations have been set up for Romanians in the diaspora

They were organized in the diaspora this year 748 polling stations, with 331 in addition to the 2016 parliamentary elections. Polling stations were identified this year in 93 countries.

Most are located in Spain – 140, Italy – 137, Germany – 61, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – 50, France – 48. In the United States there are 36 polling stations, Republic of Moldova – 30, Belgium – 19, Austria – 17, Ireland – 16, Netherlands – 15, Greece – 11, Norway and Denmark – 10 each, Portugal – 9, Australia and New Zealand – 7 sections.

LIVE TEXT 2020 parliamentary elections in the diaspora. The ballot boxes were opened in New Zealand

7:00 – Attendance at 7:00 – over 21,500 Romanians voted for the diaspora

The electoral process for the parliamentary elections is underway abroad, where up to Saturday at 7.00 Romanian time more than 21,500 Romanians from abroad voted.

According to data published online on the platform of the Permanent Electoral Authority, 21,329 voters voted by post and 273 exercised their right to vote, the total number of voters at 7.00 is 21,602.

Sections open in Afghanistan, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Philippines, India, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Malaysia, Moldova, New Zealand, Russia, Qatar, Oman, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand.

Friday, 10.30pm – Voting time at 10.30pm

At 10:30 pm, 9 people voted in the polling stations open in the diaspora. They are joined by 21,329 people who cast their votes by post.

Friday, 10pm – Polling stations open in Australia

At 10.00 pm, Romanian time, the polling stations organized in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney were also opened. Followed by the polling stations in Adelaide (22.30 Romanian time) and Brisbane (23.00 Romanian time).

The first day of voting abroad will continue with the opening of polling stations organized in Seoul and Tokyo (24.00, Romanian time), Perth, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (1.00, Romanian time).

Given the time zone differences, overseas voting takes place in 59 hours, with the Auckland polling station being the first to open and polling stations in the western United States (Los Angeles, Anaheim, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Altos , Las Las Vegas, Portland and Seattle) and Canada (Vancouver) being the last, will close for the last Monday 7 December at 7.00 Romanian time.

Friday, 21:00 – The first voter in the world in this year’s parliamentary elections

The first Romanian to vote in parliamentary elections this year is a young woman in New Zealand, according to the Romanian Embassy for New Zealand.

Friday, 20:50 – Countries where no polling stations have been held due to the pandemic

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities in Malta and Nigeria have stated that they will not allow the establishment of polling stations.

At the same time, for objective reasons, no polling stations will be organized in Venezuela (the activity of the diplomatic mission has been suspended due to the deterioration of security conditions) and in the Korean DPR (the borders of this state are closed, which does not allow sending the necessary material).

Friday, 20:00 – The Diaspora’s first polling station opened in Auckland, New Zealand

There is only one polling station for Romanians in Auckland.

The Auckland branch is also the only one in New Zealand.

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