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The 10 best Ethereum mining basins of 2018

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do you want my Ethereum easily? The best way to extract Ether and make many profits is to combine your power with miners from around the world. This article gives you the list of the 10 best Ethereum Mining Pools of 2018!

1. Miningpoolhub

Miningpoolhub guarantees 7.6 percent hash rate in the Ethereum network. The miningpoolhub community is made up of professional miners and is available all over the world.

2. Ethpool/ Ethermine

Ethpool and Ethermine are preferred by Ethereum miners who want to make a lot of money by extracting the cryptocurrency. It is the largest pool of this type with the hash power of the network reaching 25%.

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3. Nanopool

Nanopool is the third largest pool of Ether mines to exist in the world. The hash rate is 13 percent and houses more than 40,000 ether miners.

4. Dwarfpool

This mining pool seems to be one of the most versatile pools out there. It can be used to extract various cryptocurrencies such as Expanse, Zcash, Monero, Ethereum, etc. The hash rate is 4.3%.

5. F2pool

F2pool exists since 2015 and represents 25 percent of all hash percentage.

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6. Ethfans

Ethfans is another Chinese mining pool. It has a hash rate of 8.6 percent. As with f2pool, the Ethfans mining pool also raises the language problem for users all over the world.

However, if you can make it, then it's the perfect mining pool to align your mining force with the Asian Ether hunters!

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7. Weipool

Weipool stands out from the other mining pools of Ethereum because it does not require registration before carrying out mining activities. However, you must have earned at least one Ether to successfully withdraw your profits.

8. MaxHash

Fast connectivity, powerful servers around the world and continuous monitoring make MaxHash the perfect choice for you if you're starting with Ethereum mining. The MaxHash development community ensures you get the best advice for Ether mining.

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9. Coinotron

Coinotron is the best mining mine for you if you are outside Europe. Provides server DDoS protection and monitoring progress 24/7. And the best part is that the payment process is very fast.

10. CoinMine

Users all over the world can join the CoinMine platform for Ether mining. It has a threshold of 0.1 ETH and a commission of 1% is charged for premiums. Another positive factor of this mining pool is that it is not necessary to register with mine. Thus, you can anonymously extract Ethereum.

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Well, this was our list of the 10 best mining mines in Ethereum. Make sure you choose one that is compatible with your personal needs. If you are also interested in Bitcoin mining, you can read our list of The best Bitcoin mining pools of 2018.

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