The 10 best Bitcoin Songs that have rocked the charts.


Eminem has amazed rap fans this week by dropping his new "Kamikaze" collection. For lovers of cryptocurrency there was a further purpose of enthusiasm for the new collection, since one of the songs, "Not Alike", assigns a name to Bitcoin. In the event that awareness is the initial phase of receiving the guide, Bitcoin can complete a far more terrible period than a scream about the latest creation of Slim Shady. It is in no way, shape or form the main craftsman to refer to Bitcoin however as the accompanying playlist appears.

Pop Stars and Cryptocurrency Make Bizarre Partners

Pop star and cryptocurrency have had a mixed relationship. While A-listers like Kanye, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry went ahead on Bitcoin, others let themselves go with other questionable cryptos; thinks of Centra, sponsored by DJ Khaled, whose authors have faced the full power of the SEC. Meanwhile, Akon wants to fabricate an entire city in Senegal that recognizes only its particular crypt – Akoin. While the corporate acumen of popular musicians is often debatable, popular culture is an extraordinary engine of awareness. The accompanying traces specify all cryptocurrency, some clearly and others passing through. They offer a preview of pop culture and show the steps taken by Bitcoin in the invasion of the standard society.

1. Eminem – Not Alike

Following the poor rally of his last LP, "Restoration", Eminem is back, frenetic as hellfire and he did it. The reference to bitcoin in "Not Alike" is clear but rather figurative, particularly considering that track partner Royce Da 59, who abandons the line, is often referred to as Nickel Nine.

used to bite Nickel

Now everyone makes bitcoins

2. Remy – Bitcoin Billionaire

Conceivably one of the most interesting melodies at any time discharged on the cryptocurrency, " Remy-Bitcoin Billionaire "

3. Coindaddy – Alt Season

Not at all like a significant number of specialists in this summary, Coindaddy (otherwise known as Arya Bahmanyar) really brings home the bacon from the cryptocurrency. Coindaddy is therefore the real article regarding cryptocurrency. As for music both as it is, this state is easier to refute.

Imma and go short some bitcoin

Every day and every night

Because it's a bearish market

And there thereinin & # 39; t nothin in sight

4. Ytcracker – Bitcoin Baron

Ytcracker presents us the most electronic track of this rundown with some free streaming rhymes and an incredible rhythm. This is a melody.

I'm a bitcoin baron, I'm scaring the status quo

I got that cryptic dough in that dat file to blow

And the algorithm sent me up to the prism [19659007] Send us all in prison and this is a nerd life

5. The Bitcoin Dip- We Miss You

The Bitcoin Dip & # 39; s " We Miss You " is a frontispiece of Puff Daddy & # 39; s " I & # 39; ll Be Missing You "which is a front of The police" I will watch you ". I got it? It is a melodic number that has been bifurcated almost the same number of times as the bitcoin itself.

6. Lil Windex – Bitcoin Ca $ h

Conceivably the most popular rapper named after an object for cleaning, Lil Windex is a Canadian scholar particularly fascinated by Bitcoin Cash.

7. Cryptocurrency Girls – The Moon and Cryptocurrency and Me

Trust Japan to do things one step away. The Cryptocurrency Girls is a young woman number 8 in which each side goes against the character of a specific cryptocurrency . It is exceptionally Japanese.

8. Laura Saggers – 10,000 Bitcoins

A Bitcoin melody that must be Regina Spektor looks even more like Chas n 'Dave, "10,000 Bitcoin" of Laura Saggers not it is the most grounded in efforts, yet it treats the cure as a cure for all the testosterone-loaded tracks on this playlist.

9. Mayday and Murs – Bitcoin Beezy

"I got 50 bitcoins worth about one hundred thousand" sings Mayday and Murs. In case they had common sense hodl, those 50 BTC are currently justified irrespective of a fine $ 360,000.

10. Ricegum – Bitcoin

The YouTube star Ricegum has also launched his cap in the ring Bitcoin . You may not know about Ricegum, but rather the star has more than 10 million endorsers, so he's doing something right. The less said regarding the melody, the better.

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