The 10 best Bitcoin payment gateways of 2018



Blockchain is the latest technological trend in the market that has revolutionized the digital market with its cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency developed using Blockchain technology in 2007. Since then various other cryptocurrencies have entered the market as Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Dash, etc. The specialty of these cryptocurrencies is their decentralized approach and facilitates a direct transaction between merchants and customers.

Just like other general online payment gateways, there are cryptocurrency-facilitated payment gateways that perform secure transactions through Bitcoin, Bitcash, Litecoin, Ethereum and convert them into fiat currency by crediting directly to your account. Let's take a look at the details on the ten famous Bitcoin payment gateways.

The best Bitcoin payment gateways


It's an open source cryptocurrency portfolio that allows you to run Bitcoin transactions globally while providing 100% security. It is an effective Bitcoin payment gateway that accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and also offers you the possibility of converting your BTC into USD via the Bitcoin Visa Card allowing immediate withdrawals. It can be used for transactions at retail stores and restaurants, for billing and also accepts donations from parties using BTC.

Bitpay - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Bitpay payments are credited to your bank account directly based on your desired currency choice with more than 150 currency options. Bitpay is Bitcoin's payment gateway and Bitcash saves you from prying eyes while it works on Blockchain Technology and does not require any personal information such as debit card or credit card details for transactions. In this way you will enjoy the advantage of the Bitpay gateway and also allows you to make transactions with fewer transaction fees than credit cards.

Use the BIP 70 and BIP 73 payment protocols to provide complete transparency in direct payments. It allows merchants to prepare invoices in various languages ​​and offers the possibility to scan them before making payments. It keeps you informed by e-mail and texts about your payments and processes refunds directly on your wallet if there is one. It is one of Bitcoin's fast and flexible payment gateways and completely responsive to both the web and mobile.


It is the main payment gateway for Bitcoin which, together with Bitcoin and Bitcoin money, also supports Litecoin and Ethereum. It is established as the payment gateway n. 1 in the Blockchain technology market with over 2000 merchants and offers fast service in seconds.

Coinbase - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

To start using Coinbase, you must first create an account in Coinbase Commerce to facilitate payments. Coinbase Commerce does not charge any additional transaction fees and offers three payment options:

  • Through the simple online payment procedure

  • Through its supported e-commerce site

  • Through the integration of the API to Web sites

If you wish to integrate Coinbase Commerce into any website, you can do so by going to the settings option, selecting create an API button and pasting that API into the clipboard to integrate it with the desired website. Payment sessions last 15 minutes to help you complete your transactions and then expire. But even later, you can make payments. In this case, you will be asked for an option to cancel or revise the transaction as it will be kept in the late payment category. Another interesting feature of Coinbase is the Webhook that helps authorities track payments received and send e-mails to customers.


CoinPayments is one of the popular cryptocurrency gateways specifically dedicated to online merchants. Help users to accept payments with Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cas and Litecoin. Merchants using CoinPayments pay 0.50% as a transaction fee for commercial purposes and integration APIs that are ultimately debited from payment.

CoinPayments - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Merchants who use CoinPayments must obtain their API by registering on the website and then integrating the API with their website. Provides a convenient way to accept cryptographic payments through Bitcoin and Bitcash facilitating GAP600 instant confirmations. Payers can choose merchants with their given name in the form of $ CoinPayments and in particular make payments to them.

It features multi digital wallet that stores all cryptographic coins securely and accepts more than 450 different types of cryptographic coins. It also allows you to convert from one currency to another like Bitcoin to Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash but adding the Coin tax to the conversion partner commissions.

Another interesting feature of CoinPayments is the airdrop structure of their CPS coins that allows all types of users to benefit from a 50% discount on hosting and transaction fees, discounts on online withdrawal fees and even betting coins to get an annual profit of 25%. The gateway has its own mobile version of the application that helps users to easily accept payments from anywhere and automatically converts them to the desired currency by reducing the time and expense of transferring money. is not only an online digital wallet but also a repository that allows you to explore information related to Blockchain, developments, market coverage and the statistical report on the use of Blockchain and Bitcoin. - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether to make transactions globally. It guarantees a completely secure transaction procedure with the 2-step authentication feature to save your online account from prying eyes by activating the PIN protection mechanism.

The blockchain payment protocol is supported by the V2 API for which merchants must request and obtain their unique API to receive payments via Blockchain.

To obtain this API, you must first create an XPub BIP 32 account in the Blockchain Portfolio which acts on an external key for your wallet account and API calls. This foreign key allows you to transfer payments to your Blockchain Portfolio.

Creating a Blockchain Portfolio requires a simple registration process that shows the transaction details on the right hand side so that you can keep track of your sending and receiving payments.

It is one of the trusted Bitcoin and Ethereum portfolios with extensive experience for years and is completely user-friendly to help easily received payments with its simple procedures. Currently is no longer available and has been replicated with the .com domain as in


CoinsBank offers you the ability to use your Bitcoin debit card just like online debit cards as well as real-time stores. It is easy to operate to accept and receive payments at any time through its debit card management capabilities in real time by sliding them on the card reader.

CoinsBank - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

The CoinsBank debit card service helps you to deposit faster and withdraw funds that provide high-level security with the two-factor authentication process. Verify your online account and associated transactions, issue the PSI DSS certification, provide additional security features, and even facilitate you with an offline portfolio by reducing the risk of online fraud. It also allows free transfer of funds to anyone who uses CoinsBank for 24 hours along with active customer support.

It encourages the most effective exchange of cryptocurrencies and major legal currencies, updating you on market rates and fluctuations in progress in order to have maximum profits and not suffer any loss. It offers easy trading procedures as an authorized Forex partner and facilitates legal trading without restrictions.

The CoinsBank mobile app is very useful for instant transfer and payment of funds and keeps you informed via push notifications on your latest updates, on your current operations and on transactions. You can activate and deactivate your CoinsBank debit card according to your convenience.

It is an open source payment gateway that accepts Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Potcoin, Speedcoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Reddcoin, Peercoin, etc. At a transaction fee of 0%. It does not require any personal information, ID or registration and helps the user to accept anonymous payments directly to their wallets from anywhere in the world with 100% security.

GoUrl - Bitcoin Payment Gateway supports SSL encryption to protect against third-party intruders and an automated merchant update process on incoming payments. There are many vendors on the market who do not own any online website for their business but have content to sell such as videos, images, music, books, etc. For them, offers a simple procedure to create free URLs to upload their required content, set the amount for their prices and sell it online by charging 3.5% for each item sold. Offers various earning options for online merchants such as:

  • White Label function that helps you pay through your official logo

  • Product payment functionality for unpaid bills

  • Pay-per Download to allow visitors to pay for file downloads

  • Pay per post to earn money by selling your blog posts

  • Pay-per Registration to grab coins for each new user registration on your website

  • Pay-per View to earn coins with your paid content

  • Paid member to earn money with your valuable subscription plans

It also guarantees direct transfers of funds between multiple users of the same website and allows you to earn 0.50% from any payment made in Bitcoin.


It provides the user with a simple facility to negotiate with any cryptocurrency in particular Bitcoin and allows uninterrupted transactions for all altcoins like Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Zcash, Ripple and many others.

Coingate - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Accepting payments in Bitcoin is quite simple through the Coingate payment gateway. As a merchant, you need to set the amount of a specific product on your website, for example, like any other online website: 20 euros. The Coingate payment gateway will evaluate your amount in terms of the current Bitcoin rate in the market and will give your customers a total sum of the amount they have to pay in Bitcoin. Customers are invited with options to pay from their digital wallet or by scanning the QR code.

As soon as they pay, Coingate gives you the payment by reducing the transaction fee of 1%. Full transparency is maintained in the payment process from customers to merchants with a unique set of addresses for each of them and a structure to allow merchants to track their payment history along with updates. It comes with an easy-to-integrate API for all e-commerce sites with plug-ins and traditional POS system for the initiation of flexible transactions.

Coatingate is great for traders as it offers them the opportunity to exchange Bitcoins at the best market price and turn them into fiat currencies such as Euro, Dollars and all major currencies for easy withdrawals.


SpectroCoin is a London-based cryptocurrency payment gateway that supports Bitcoin payments and other cryptocurrencies like Ether, Dash, NEM, etc. It comes with a prepaid card that can be used anywhere for payment purposes. It can also be called a Blockchain portfolio that facilitates easy transactions through the web and mobile platforms with its user-friendly approach.

SpectroCoin - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

It helps you to easily exchange cryptographic coins according to recent market quotations. The SpectroCoin card looks exactly like the debit and credit cards. It can be used globally in over 30 million ATM operators and 25 million stores with high withdrawal and deposit limits. The quantity stored in your Spectro Coin digital wallet is integrated into the Spectro board. You can convert the cryptographic amount by withdrawing money in fiat currency in EUR and USD.

SpectroChain wallets help you accept payments from other business parties and customers from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, with greater security and lower transaction costs than other cryptographic payment gateways.

The portfolio helps you to benefit from trading and from various sources and helps you manage the addresses of your Bitcoin wallet used in SpectroCoin. Spectro Coin's mobile app is available for both Android and IOS to help you manage funds instantly.


It is a complete decentralized cryptocurrency payment gateway that requires no authorization, third-party authentication and additional API integration to facilitate transactions.

Blockonomics - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Provides a completely secure environment to accept payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ripple, etc. Merchants do not need to register or provide any private information and can accept anonymous payments for the purchase of their products globally. It also supports the main cryptographic portfolios such as, Mycelium, Trezor, Ledger Nano S, etc.

Whatever payment the customer pays for the purchased orders is not directed to any payment gateway as a mediator. The payment process transfers the payment directly to the merchant's digital wallet. The customer is invited with a web page consisting of amounts calculated in Bitcoin and the respective address to send the payment.

Customers must scan the QR code for the page or make payment from any of their digital wallets. Provides complete commercial security with secret invoices that can not be deciphered by prying eyes and even by Blockonomics authorities.

It features a Wallet watcher that helps you manage your HD wallets by tracking your transaction history, viewing your current account balance, segregating your transactions with separate tags and sending alerts via email and push notifications.


Coinify with its extreme security measures and fast and flexible transaction procedures received the best Blockchain financial award in 2017 and was voted one of the best on the market.

Coinify - Bitcoin Payment Gateway

It is a cryptocurrency payment gateway offering white labeled blockchain solutions worldwide. Help merchants and online merchants maximize profits with their own set of solutions to suit every need.

Coinify has been in the digital market since 2010 having extensive experience with online trading and transactions. Use the API integration method to conduct payment procedures. Facilitates customers with the ability to pay in 15 types of cryptocurrencies and converts them into legal currencies by supporting all major global currencies. Customers can initiate payments from various platforms such as the web, mobile, tablets all at once without being victims of prying eyes.

Every time a customer makes a payment in desired cryptographic coins, Coinify accepts the payment and sends a notification to the merchant. So, based on the merchant's preferences, the payment is credited to the merchant's account.

Traders through Coinify can buy crypto through their legal currencies, and the amount traded that they receive is given in relation to the current market rate of their coins purchased; complies with AML standards.


The first 10 best cryptocurrency gateways dedicated in particular to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoincash, Ether, Dash, ripple etc. They are making significant progress in the financial market by providing end-to-end security for transaction procedures and a broad opportunity for online business skill traders with low processing costs that are generally higher through legal currencies.

It also provides a convenient measure to accept payments in digital currencies and then convert them easily according to your choice at no additional cost and with easy withdrawals. The security measure of these payment gateways is slowly revolutionizing the financial market, and very soon we can expect them to be on all e-commerce platforms.

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