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That's why Tron (TRX) could now have an advantage over Ethereum (ETH)

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Tron's results have recently been attributed to the foundation and publication of their new apps. The launch of Tron & # 39; s MainNet and the launch of their decentralized TRONBet applications and others have improved the performance of Tron and the daily transactions in the network have led to higher growth than that of Ethereum.

This October, one of Tron's MainApp dApps exceeded half a million transactions, much larger than the Ethereum transaction level. This suggests that Tron's dApps perform better than those of Ethereum IDEX. The daily transaction of IDEX dApp amounts to 9120 while Tron reaches about 551,000 transactions a day.

Decentralized apps work so that the system performs activities at a better rate, increasing transactions by making the overall ecosystem stronger. Ethereum, on the other hand, can not handle transactions as much as Tron. Daily active users on TRONbet, Tron's dApp are around 1923, while Ethereum has less than 950. Although Tron has fewer decentralized apps, it continues to outperform Ethereum in terms of throughput and transaction processing time.

Tron collaborated with a group of programmers and developers who gave them an edge over the former number 1 cryptocurrency, Ethereum. A recently published report has shown that the dApp Performance Monitoring website has just listed Tron's dApps on its website where users will be able to easily track the Ethereum and Tron dApps. The report cites:

"Tron was able to increase the performance of its network by improving its Dapps products, and now Tronbet's performance exceeded Ethereum IDEX for functionality and use."

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