Tezos collaborates with Kingsland University to create a blockchain curriculum


Tezos is working with Kingsland University to build a blockchain program in an attempt to solve the developer shortage.

Tezos is expanding in the field of education. The blockchain company has announced its collaboration with Kingsland University in creating programs for the online development program.

According to Bitsonline, the program, which will be offered online, will focus on the programming language used in the Tezos ecosystem, the OCaml programming language.

And as the president of the Tezos Foundation, Ryan Jesperson said, through the partnership, the company plans to have waves of Tezos developers in the future, which would lead to more projects built on the ecosystem and eventually lead to wider adoption of Tezos.

This is not the first time that Tezos has collaborated with an educational institution. After the launch of its mainnet a couple of months ago, the company has granted funding to 4 research institutes, including Cornell University for various projects built on the Tezos ecosystem and to train 1,000 Tezos developers.

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