Tesla Tequila is the new product launched by Elon Musk. The stock was out of stock shortly


Elon Musk launched the most famous electric cars in the world, he also launched rockets into space, and now we see that on the official website of the American company there is another new product – an alcoholic drink. The product is quite controversial, because cars and alcohol have nothing in common.

This is Tesla Tequila, which has a lightning bolt shaped bottle. This is one of the most affordable products in the Tesla store. The bottle can be purchased for $ 250, but unfortunately cannot be purchased by customers in Romania.

The original brand was Teslaquila, but the idea seems to have been abandoned over time. The idea was born as a joke on April 1st.

Orders are limited to two bottles and only people in some states can receive them due to “industry regulations”.

The Tesla Tequila stock is already sold out

Although the news about the new Tesla product appeared only yesterday, November 5, the site already appears as unavailable. Many people probably wanted this product, so the product is no longer available.

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The product is somewhat atypical for an automotive company. But Tesla won’t be liable if consumers drink and drive; Additionally, alcohol companies are probably more enthusiastic than anyone else about self-driving vehicles. Tesla cars aren’t fully autonomous right now, although the company recently launched a feature called “Full Self-Driving” in beta, attracting the attention of regulators.

News source: theverge.com

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