Tesla just launched his tequila. It is already sold out


Hong Kong (CNN Business) – Elon Musk has already convinced people to buy flamethrowers, shorts and surfboards. Now he is also pouring some tequila.

Musk’s electric carmaker Tesla launched its “Tesla Tequila” line Thursday, fulfilling the director’s promise that the company will begin selling its own brand of liquor.

The drink, which sells for $ 250 on Tesla’s website, comes in a lightning bolt-shaped bottle and is made by Nosotros Tequila, a liquor brand in Southern California.

Stocks of the product were quickly depleted on Thursday, although orders were limited to two bottles each and were only made available to customers in certain US states.

Tesla just launched his tequila.  It is already sold out

The project has been in turmoil for years. Musk had already joked that the product would be called “Teslaquila”. And at one point the company even applied for a branding of the name.

In 2018, he also teased Twitter followers with a photo of an alleged prototype.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has raised eyebrows with its choice of merchandise.

Earlier this year, the company began selling red mini gym shorts on its website, in a playful blow to investors who had “shorted” Tesla, or bet its stock would go down. Each pair was priced at $ 69,420.

Musk also made headlines this week by revealing how close the automaker was to bankruptcy at one point.

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In response to a question on Twitter, he said Tesla was only “about a month away” from the crash when he was working to ramp up production of its popular Model 3 sedan from mid-2017 to mid-2019. Production of that vehicle was notoriously difficult. , and Musk called the process “production” [y] hellish logistics ».

However, those struggles aren’t reflected in their share price. Tesla shares have soared this year, over 420%.

Last month, the automaker also posted strong earnings. It announced record third-quarter earnings and intends to keep its target of selling 500,000 cars this year.

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