Tesla is now selling his tequila: April Fool’s joke comes true


The fun has gotten serious: electric car maker Tesla is now offering its limited series of schnapps in its online store. A bottle costs $ 250.

“Alcohol? Know Your Limit”: This Federal Center for Health Education slogan is decorated on large posters – often paired with images of an accident – near motorways across Germany. Has Tesla boss Elon Musk already seen you on one of his visits to the Gigafactory construction site outside Berlin?

If so, at least they didn’t stop him from putting into practice a, shall we say, somewhat unusual idea. A project that originally started as an April Fool’s joke, but is now becoming a reality: of all things, the self-proclaimed carmaker of the future is now offering its own brandy, one is amazed.

It all started with an April Fool

“Tesla Tequila” is the name of the drink that Tesla offers – of course – in a glass jar shaped like an electric lightning bolt. Price: $ 250 a bottle, so “Engadget” magazine reported. You can only order two bottles per nose.

Accordingly, Tesla is promoting grappa with the words “An exclusive tequila añejo 100% de agave premium in small batches” (English: a small exclusive series of premium tequila, made 100% from agave). Tequila usually comes from the Nosotros company a bottle costs about $ 45.

What started two and a half years ago as an April Fool’s joke is now becoming a reality: In 2018, Musk tweeted that Tesla was “completely bankrupt”, he himself was found next to a Tesla – with “tears. dry cheeks “, surrounded by bottles of” Teslaquila “.

So Musk really knows no borders, his dreams and crazy ideas have no limits? No, not entirely, at least in Germany. Because who runs the Tesla online store in this countrywill be disappointed. “Sorry”, he says there, the product is not available. Maybe it’s better this way.


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