Tesla boss Elon Musk meets ministers over kebabs and beer – BZ Berlin


First, Tesla boss Elon Musk (49) had to wait for Brandenburg Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach (64, SPD). So the Tesla candidates waited for Musk.

By Leoni Rossow and Michael Sauerbier

On Saturday he was looking for 25 engineering axes for his “Giga Berlin” car factory. At around 11.30, Musk darted through the yard entrance. The plaintiffs waited in front of a tin awning in the parking lot.

At 2:30 pm a candidate came out. The auto engineer had only gotten to the preliminary talk, not Musk. “It was cold in the tent, we had to wait a long time, the recruiters were only connected online, the mood was depressed.

The evening before, Minister Steinbach met Musk in the container office: “We talked about the program for the kebab and beer factory.” The project is overdue: much more forest should have been cleared and construction of the paint shop has begun.

Approval is still missing. First, the 80-hour discussion needs to be transcribed and assessed. Musk will be back in December.


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