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Tesco refuses to rethink free parking and insists that the charges will go on

TESCO has closed its doors to traders who fear that the store's new parking fees will decimate their business.

Traders in nearby George Street have told us that this will have a detrimental effect on their trade.

An online petition has been established that opposes the idea and more than 100 people have commented on our website.

But Tesco insists that it will not move and that change will come into effect on Thursday.

The new system will use automatic plate recognition technology to capture those who break the rule.

Retailer Nigel Haigh, who runs a fashion boutique on George Street, warned that the decision could be "the last nail in the coffin" for businesses.

He said: "When Tesco gave us free parking for two hours, he made positive comments about trying to help local merchants.

"They must know that taking it away will have a negative effect."

He said that older buyers do not feel comfortable with the nearby street parking because the coin payment options have been removed.

Amanda Luke, one of Mr. Haigh's clients, said he uses parking every week, but now he will not make it.

He said: "I leave in the parking lot and go to the rock choir, then I also use the local shops.

"But it will not work now, so it will surely affect the amount of money I spend on George Street."

The online petition was created by central councilor Hove Clare Moonan and has already attracted nearly 100 signatures.

The scheme has also sparked intense online debate and more than 100 comments have been left on The Argus website.

Opinions have been shared with some grateful customers who may now be able to find a parking space.

One comment said, "It's really a good deal, a five-dollar to park all day, and you can spend £ 5 for anything you want."

Another said: "Do not forget the amount of car parking behind the Co-op store, it all comes down to too many people."

A spokesman for Tesco insisted that the new system will continue.

He said: "There are no plans to reconsider.

"The store has long suffered from the misuse of its parking due to its location."

The city council said there are roads nearby where parking starts at £ 1 all hour.

This includes Belfast Street, Church Road, Haddington Street and Ventnor Villas, while the multi-storey car park at Norton Road offers up to nine hours at £ 5.

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