‘Terrifyingly beautiful’: Netizens react to NASA’s latest video of Helix Nebula


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10 November 2020 17:27:00

NASA, Sonification, Nebula Song, Nebula Music, Nebula Hue, Helix Nebula, Helix Nebula Sound, Nebula Sound, Space Sound, Space Music, Hubble Telescope, NASA Hubble, Viral Video, Trending News, Indian Express News.According to the post, in sonification, red light is assigned lower hues and blue light is assigned higher hues.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently shared a sonification of a planetary nebula, and the video sparked a number of reactions online.

Posted on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope official Instagram account, the video shows the Helix Nebula, a planetary nebula that is 655 light years from Earth.

Sonification is a process in which data is converted into sound. A nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas that forms from the explosion of a dying star or are regions where new stars are starting to form.

“Even if there is no sound in space, sonifications like this help us conceptualize data in astronomical images in a new, auditory way!” said the post with the video.

According to the post, the red light was assigned to the lower shades and the blue light was assigned to the higher shades for sonification.

Many on social media claimed that the clip terrified them while others said they were fascinated:

According to NASA, the Helix Nebula is the closest nebula to Earth and is the remnant of a dying star, much like the Sun in our solar system.

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