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Company head Karl-Erivan Haub has been missing for over 2 years

Poker for Tengelmann’s Billions!

The brothers want to get rid of his wife +++ Emotional leverage +++ Tomorrow there will be a showdown

Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub is missing: family dispute for billions
Photo: BrauerPhotos / G.Nitschke

On 7 April 2018, Tengelmann boss Karl “Charlie” Erivan Haub (60) did not return from skiing training on the Matterhorn, an important search was unsuccessful. Since then, the head of the company has been considered missing. And it sparked a dispute in the multi-billion dollar corporate family.

As BILD has learned from family circles, Karl-Erivan Haub’s brothers want to get rid of his wife.

Wednesday will be the showdown – at the shareholders’ meeting of the Tengelmann Group (8 billion euros in annual turnover, the group also includes Obi, Kik and Tedi). It’s not just about business and a lot of money – A LOT of money, but also about feelings.

Read the full story about the billion-dollar Zoff at Tengelmanns, when Karin Haub allegedly left her post, what emotional leverage is now being used and whether an end to the quarrel is in sight.


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