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Ten predictions for blockchain (and cryptography) in 2019

As it is by now, I thought it was worth looking at the year before and trying to put some tail on some donkeys, and see how we could appear in a year …

1) cemetery dApp:

2019 will see more high-profile (and low-profile) blockchain companies that launched ICOs in 2017/2018 on the wall – the dApp cemetery begins. Since almost all ICOs were conducted using ERC20 tokens, the vast majority of blockchain projects clung to Eth with the hope that they will increase in value and now have significantly less (up to 90% less) fiat equivalents in their treasury, or were cashed out while the price fell and they had even less money to execute their vision of the promised White Book. Undoubtedly, all these companies now have a much shorter track than initially planned and yet to be performed. Many now look like zombie companies, they just wait for the money to end and end up not to be prosecuted for deceptive investors.

2) Increase of judicial proceedings SEC:

The SEC will go more and more behind the ICOs that have registered as "utilities" and will be prosecuted by the company and its officers for violations of the titles. In 2017 it seemed like it would be easy to raise funds for a project: put a token in there and call it utility, and you'd leave. 2019 will see regulators go back and bite hard on the companies that have regulated the securities law.

3) Increased demand for blockchain education:

Google search queries for "what's the blockchain?" They increase significantly as both consumers and companies seek genuine understanding. The mainstream media will continue to happily cover the blockchain space, but consumers will not be able to understand it yet. Google is always the first point of access when trying to learn.

4) Security token offers take hold:

STOs start to gain ground, but they are not even remotely the same as ICOs in 2017. (see forecast 2) With the new blockchain companies registering fundraising as security token offers and using regulated frameworks, we will consider it It is also much more difficult for the public to participate in these offers.

5) Blockchain-based solutions become real:

In the fourth quarter of 2019 we will begin to learn about successful blockchain business projects that have been tested in the course of the year. This will put the blockchain space at risk so that more companies launch their own pilots. Blockchain Rookies is aware of several FTSE 250 companies that have undertaken their blockchain project. Those that have been built well and fit for purpose will begin to raise the kimono and make their industry and the rest of the world known.

6) rendered blockchain and crypto advertising:

Facebook and Google begin to relax their rules on blockchain companies that advertise on their platforms. With the 2017/18 ICO scams, Facebook and Google will begin to relax their rules on B2C advertising of Blockchain projects – less for investment and much more marketing for consumer adoption.

7) Blockchain protocol tokens recover part of their value:

Protocollar currencies that are not dead (Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) They begin to regain their values ​​slowly, but will remain below their December 2017 ATH.

8) Protocol wars:

2019 will see the beginning of The Protocol Wars. Each blockchain protocol will be in competition with developers and entrepreneurs to adopt their protocol on which to base themselves. This will be GREAT! Because protocols exist, they need a reason to be. Bitcoin's is clear (see the 2008 Bitcoin white paper), however, Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, Cardano and others will have to start fighting for the 2.0 generation of dApp – which consensus mechanism is the best, who will win? By the end of 2019, we will surely begin to see who the winners may be.

9) The taxonomies of the tokens are agreed:

Agreement on what is a security, a commodity and a utility in cryptographic space. The SEC, the FCA and many other financial regulators are beginning to tighten their grip on fundraising and encrypting the blockchain space – it will be shaken by the scammers, with far fewer than ten hats and ten-gallon spurs around the place.

10) More Lamborghini for sale:

The value of the one-year Lamborghini is significantly amortized as there seems to be a larger volume than normal for sale. Autotrader?

Jon Walsh

Associate member of Blockchain Rookies, a consulting firm for training and Blockchain strategy.

Twitter: @walshjonwalsh is @IGetBlockchain

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