Telephone Blockchain | Will Samsung enter the ring? Brands say yes!

Blockchain phone

The excitement of late in blockchain is centered on a particular blockchain phone. A first of its kind, this phone has the same radiantly encrypted nerds of joy; The idea of ​​decentralized apps running on the phone is exciting, and this before considering all the cryptographic possibilities.

Blockchain phone

It started with Sirin Labs, whose pioneering "Finney" phone allows people to store and use digital currencies without transaction fees. Then HTC came to the party with the second blockchain phone in the world called Exodus 1. This phone boasts a "Social Key Recovery" function that allows a user to use a selected number of trusted contacts to regain access to their funds, in case they lose their private key. A little cold.

But now… Samsung is about to join the battle. Yes, one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world is about to create its own smartphone blockchain.

But how do we know? Well, we do not know for sure, but there's something cooking in the kitchen.

European brands

At the start of the week, Samsung presented three European trademark applications for blockchain-based smartphone functionality. They are named as the following:

  • Keychaker Blockchain
  • Keychain Blockchain
  • Blockchain Core

So even if it is not necessarily definite, is cute evident.

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So the news has the brains of the fans who tick. Samsung is working on a form of hardware portfolio that will be implemented in future devices? Do these names allude to forms of private or public key storage?

A particular indication is that the document states that the brands will apply to "Smartphone; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application software. "

But that's all we know.


Samsung has been a supporter of cryptocurrency storage on their phones, claiming "Smartphones have the best security for blockchain and cryptocurrency". However, many security experts have challenged this statement.

Also, with $ 761 million in cryptocurrency theft just this year, security is not something you want to take lightly. Maybe it's time for Samsung to create a blockchain phone made for cryptocurrency storage and then can really back up your statements.

Featured image: Depositphotos / © TKKurikawa

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