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Technology partners Blockchain launches the Sextant blockchain management platform on the AWS container market

LAS VEGAS – (FILO D & # 39; BUSINESS) –AWS re: Invent 2018 – Blockchain Technology Partners, the leader
company blockchain company, today announced the general availability
of Sextant ™, its powerful blockchain management platform, on Amazon Web
Services (AWS) Marketplace for containers. Sextant unlocks the value of
blockchain for business. Accelerate innovation by providing
companies with a platform on which they can build; ensuring that they
focus on the development of business applications, not on the blockchain infrastructure.

"AWS Marketplace for Containers allows AWS customers to use Amazon
Elastic Container Services (ECS) console and AWS Marketplace for
Containers for discovering, producing and distributing container solutions –
including a complete blockchain management platform from Blockchain
Technology partners, "said Dave McCann, Vice President of Migration
Services, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog. "With that of today
announcement, AWS Marketplace has extended its current benefits and
functionality for container products, with rich discovery and research
experience that offers access to a catalog of reliable software from
reputable sellers. AWS customers can find and distribute Sextant e
simplify the distribution of Hyperledger Sawtooth. "

"We are thrilled to be part of the AWS Marketplace for Containers launch
on AWS re: Invent 2018 and we are delighted to be able to take advantage of AWS
Fargate to simplify the delivery of Sextant to our customers, "he said
Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO of Blockchain Technology Partners. "With the
Sextant help, companies can browse the blockchain management with
ease and, with the launch of AWS Marketplace for Containers, they can be
active and working and explore the brave new world of the blockchain in n
time to everyone. "

BTP has identified Hyperledger Sawtooth as the best emerging open source
blockchain technology for the enterprise based on its support for
Intelligente contracts of Ethereum, its connectable consent mechanism and its
scalable and highly modular architecture. Furthermore, the clear separation
between the network and the levels of application makes it exceptionally
easy for developers to create new blockchain exploiting applications
existing code and application of existing best programming practices.

Sextant is a complete blockchain management platform that it uses
a carefully groomed Hyperledger sawtooth distribution – built, tested
and managed by BTP – to deploy the implementation with a single click
company-level sawtooth networks. These networks can be o
standalone – typically the case if a developer is testing a new one
blockchain or smart contract application – or join existing sawtooth

Sestante is cloud-first, and Kubernetes is the logical choice for
production orchestration. Under the covers Sextant automatically
it generates Kubernetes posters in such a way that Sawtooth can be deployed
on existing or newly branded Kubernetes clusters distributed by Sextant
on AWS using Kubernetes Operations.

To try Sestante please visit our entry on AWS
Marketplace for containers

Information on Blockchain technology partners

Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) is a leading blockchain in the industry
a company whose mission is to radically simplify the adoption of blockchains
technologies. BTP offers the advantages of blockchain to business
providing Sextant ™ – a blockchain management platform that provides one
click on the distribution of the scalable sawtooth Hyperledger networks running
Kubernetes in the cloud. Sestante free companies to focus on
development of applications, not infrastructures, with training, consulting
and support provided by BTP. BTP is a member of the Linux Foundation e
an active participant in the Hyperledger and CNCF communities. His
The founding team has an exceptional track record in open source operations
and cloud. BTP has offices in Edinburgh, Singapore and New York. TO
Find out more by visiting https://blockchaintp.com.

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