Technical analysis Stellar (XLM), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (Dash) September 13 – Bears still in control – Crypto Recorder


Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is one of today's best performers, with an increase of around 2%. Looking at the rankings, Stellar started the day off just like the rest of the market and hit a minimum of $ 0.18. However, it has since gained and pushed over two key resistance levels, namely the 55-day moving average at $ 0.191 and the 100-day moving average at $ 0.193. This is an indicator that there is an increase in the bullish momentum in Stellar (XLM). For a trader who wants to trade Stellar (XLM) with a 24-hour target, the key level to take into account is the average of $ 0.193 on the 100-day moving average.

If the price breaks below this price and falls further below $ 0.191, then it would be better to go short with a target of $ 0.183. This is the last minimum that Stellar (XLM) hit in the chart of the day. On the flip side, if Stellar (XLM) holds above $ 0.193 for the next 6 – 12 hours, a long entry would be more ideal with a target of $ 0.203. This is a key resistance level on the 200-day moving average, a level where Stellar (XLM) may vary or reverse in the short term.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) was one of the biggest losers in recent weeks. Today started the day in red and hit a minimum of $ 167.64. However, in the last 5 hours, it has obtained smaller gains, and now ranges from $ 174 to $ 170, but it could break downward, due to the high sales volumes in the market at the moment. For a trader looking to trade on Ethereum in the next 24 hours, it is best to look for the $ 170 price level. If Ethereum (ETH) breaks below $ 170, then it is likely that it could be less than a $ 151.

That is a key support level on the weekly chart, one in which Ethereum may vary, or fall further if sales pressure increases. On the other hand, if Ethereum makes a bullish boost above $ 193 in the next 6-12 hours, then it could make some upward gains and test $ 217 in the next 24 hours. Although this is highly unlikely with the strong sales pressure it is facing at this point.

Dash (Dash)

Dash is one of the biggest losers of the day. He opened the trading at $ 187.57 and reached the minimum of $ 169.94. After a slight retracement to $ 176.14, Dash has regained the bearish feeling and is now head down. If you maintain this bearish momentum, Dash coin (Dash) could test a minimum of $ 141.75. This is the next level of key support in the chart of the day.

From the graphs, the odds of an upward rebound in Dash are minimal. It can happen, but from a trading point of view, a short entry offers the maximum promise from a risk / return point of view. The sales moment is high enough in the market to support this.

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