“Tamim, Nasrallah and Erdogan” .. The devil’s triangle in the Arab world


An axis of evil is struggling to destroy Arab countries and control the resources of Middle Eastern countries and create a new division according to the devil’s agenda, and the axis includes the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, Hassan Nasrallah and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the devil’s triangle to ignite discord in the Arab world.

The evil group is working to destroy the region in order to carry out a grand conspiracy to destroy the Middle East region and divide it into a new division, spreading chaos and terrorism to a number of countries, including supporting armed groups in Syria, support for the Houthi militia in Yemen and a precedent for supporting the Al Qaeda terrorist organization and armed militias in Iraq.

The Alliance of Forces of Evil, operating under a satanic partnership, commits day after day crimes that turn out to be intimidated, the latest of which is the attack on Lebanon that completely destroyed the capital Beirut, and Tamim works to satisfy the Turkish regime by paying large sums of money to Ankara and in Erdogan’s attempt to return the favor to the Turkish regime which supported and extended Tamim’s favor. Billions of dollars at a time when the people of Qatar are suffering from weak economic conditions.

The site, Qatarelix, revealed details of the recent satanic deal that angered the Turks, so they staged protests that roamed the streets of Istanbul, declaring their rejection of Erdogan’s loyal policies to the Emir of Qatar, including demolition. of the mosque and the website revealed the details of the deal.

He said: “The devil of Doha agreed with the devil Ankara to demolish the houses of God, so Erdogan ordered the demolition of a mosque in Istanbul to satisfy the whims of the young prince, who decided to build a huge palace from which he would continue to practice his irregular whims “.

The report indicated that the Uskudar municipality in Istanbul carried out Erdogan’s orders and demolished the mosque, noting that Turkish police confronted protesters against the mosque’s demolition with great brutality and arrested a large number of them.

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