Take-Two continues to doubt video game subscription services

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In recent years, content delivery models have diversified considerably, with those offering a number of products in exchange for a monthly payment becoming fashionable. In video games it is no different with proposals like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and, so far, the most successful Xbox Game Pass. In this sense, doubts have arisen about the possibility that large companies could bet on this model and recently the question was asked to Take-Two Interactive, the responsible company Grand Theft Auto.

During the recent Q&A session with Take-Two Interactive investors, Karl Slatoff, the company’s CEO, answered questions regarding their outlook on subscription services, especially the possibility that they will at some point bet on them. which have pretty attractive franchises created in divisions like 2K or Rockstar Games. In this sense, the executive made it clear that despite the success of the subscription models, skepticism is still present at Take-Two: “I don’t think our views have changed much, but we have an open mind. We are very skeptical about it. . that subscriptions are the only or primary form in which interactive entertainment is distributed. “

Subsequently, Slatoff felt that the distribution model that currently predominates, ie with direct sales in digital or physical format, continues to be attractive, although he recognized that subscription services can be big drivers of the industry right now: ” ie It is due to the way people consume. The price of owning a title is very reasonable and very, very low, actually, per hour of play. Subscriptions can play an important role in providing a catalog. We have supported numerous services of that type, subscription offers with catalog titles and I imagine we will continue to do so. In any case, at the end of the day, the consumer will decide and we will be where the consumer is. “

It is worth mentioning that some of the most successful Take-Two Interactive titles, such as Grand Theft Auto V Y Red Dead Redemption 2 At one point they were part of Xbox Game Pass, however they were short-lived in Microsoft’s service. Currently, the title of the company that has lasted the longest in the Xbox service was NBA 2K20, from 2K Sports.

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