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Ancient tree rings can contain stories of epic space explosions

A massive dying star is not a peaceful event. It expels its outer material in a colossal explosion, irradiating space with high-energy gamma radiation for several years. However, empty space isn’t the only thing exposed to this radiation. New research suggests that Earth’s ancient trees may contain evidence of these …

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The singing Christmas tree ends in high note

Details Category: Local news Published: Friday 14 December 2018 11:05 Written by Barry Lamb The Singing Christmas Tree at the Calvary Temple in Brandon has attracted more than 2,000 people and has also helped some local charities. The program started for the first time in Brandon in 1974. The Calvary …

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The decision tree with the answer

We have heard it hundreds of times. Blockchain is Web 3.0 or the latest wonder of Geekdom. Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who take advantage of this technology when young people make it rich. Innovators like Ripple have transformed an investment from $ 10,000 to $ 1.5 million over five years. Binance, …

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