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Ethereum Buterin: Piggy-backing blockchain causing "wasted time"

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH) –Despite the fall in the price of cryptocurrency, which hit a new low for the year when Bitcoin slides to $ 3700, the push for companies to integrate the blockchain into their services is still alive and strong. However, the misappropriation and misalignment of the pursuit …

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The incorrect application of Blockchain Tech leads to "Wasted Time"

The co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin said that the wrong application of blockchain technology in some sectors leads to "wasting time" in an interview released on November 26th. Speaking at Devcon's blockchain conference, Ethereum's co-founder said that although there are a number of companies trying to set higher standards using …

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"Not quite ready for Prime Time" Crowdfund Insider

The exuberance of the blockchain among big business executives has eased slightly over the past two years, says Deloitte in the recent global blockchain survey. The global blockchain 2018 survey of 1053 "blockchain-savvy" companies at companies that make over $ 500 million a year found that 40% of them are …

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