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Central banks review the XRP Ledger for issuing stablecoins

Ripple could have acquired more customers for its XRP-based payment solution, On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), in 2020 if there had been more regulatory certainty. Central banks are looking into XRP Ledger as an open source technology for issuing stablecoins. In a new episode of “The Scoop” podcast, Frank Chaparro spoke to …

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All Stablecoins want to be $ 1, but they are not worth the same thing

The market is starting to distinguish between stablecoins, although these cryptocurrencies are all designed to swap 1 to 1 with fiat. Several US dollar pegged cryptocurrencies are now trading significantly higher or significantly lower than the greenback, reflecting investors' perceptions of their relative risk. Since stablecoins are typically used as …

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